Neiman Marcus Trunk Show - Boca Raton

  1. Just wanted to spread the word. Neiman Marcus is having a trunk show on Wednesday (2:30 -8:00) and Thursday (11:30-4:00) of this week. I was told they would have some great stuff to show. You might want to call and check on the times as the SA wasn't really firm on that. Just wanted to pass this information along to anyone in South Florida who wants to add some more bags to their most wanted list! ;)
  2. I've never been to a trunk show. What exactly takes place? :shame:
  3. oooh, they're soo great!

    There's usually some hors doerves and tables full of fab new bags! You can try on until your hearts content and sign up for the waitlist if you choose.
  4. Oh, I wanted to go today, but I have a hair appointment at one o'clock in the north end. Please someone report back on what they saw!!
  5. OOOhhhhh! So many nice new bags! Of course they had the cabas in khaki (which is really a bronze) with gold hardware, dark blue (which is really teal) with silver hardware. They will also get this bag in white, black and navy blue (which they said is like the classic navy of so many other chanel bags). They had some silver bag, which was a really lightweight material and the band around the topsaid chanel. Looked like a great beach bag. There were some tote bags,with the chains running through the bags, similar to the current modern chain. They also had a small flap bag which was a beautiful shiny blue with white border. There were also some other gorgeous bags! They were taking orders, so you could call them.

    Oh, I forgot, they had little edible treats and perrier! :yes:
  6. Those tote bags,with the chains running through the bags, similar to the current modern chain, are the chains big or are they like the normal chain?