Neiman Marcus triple points plus 6 months no interests for in-circle members

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  1. Hi Ladies

    Just came back from NM in Garden state and the SA told me that the 6 mos no interests will go on until next week, but more importantly triple points !! Happy shopping everyone!
  2. Do they ever do more than 6 months?
  3. Do you know if Chanel is included?
  4. Not that im aware of - just 6 months

    Yes, Chanel included.
  5. So, it's equivalent to 20% off?
  6. Not really. There's no % off just paying off slowly. The triple pts will get you $100 gift card if you accumulate up to 10,000 pts.
  7. Awesome! Thank you!!

  8. Thanks for the tip! Can you recommend an SA? :smile:
  9. Sa said today that 6 month finance was not going on but that they could call and request it. I asked if credit limit had to cover entire purchase and he said yes (as opposed to having to cover only the monthly payments.)

    Question on NM - I bought my very first Chanel bag this evening to take advantage of triple points. Got home and realized that there was a) no tag on the bag just a little slip with today's date that had been printed from that cash register - it said "item look up" or something of that nature and had the current price $2600 and the original price $2600 b) sa asked me if I wanted it in a box. Um. Yes. It seems to be a generic box that it was placed in c) there is no booklet/care book and d) there is no style name or information anywhere. The receipt says - 01-LAMB HANDBAG 1.

    I find all of this to be so odd. The handbag is a slouchy style that is lambskin and quilted with a single flap. The stitching is zigzaggish and not like what seems to be the normal stitching. Something in my gut tells me that this was not a good transaction or good buy for my first chanel. Any input/suggestions for me? Considering taking it back tomorrow.
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    Hmmm seems legit, just that the original tag has fallen off and the care package could be in one if the inside pockets. Most importantly is the authenticity card and hologram sticker that matches the card. I would like to see what bag you got if you can attach a picture I can ask my SA which collection it's from. If it makes you feel better ask to exchange it for the same one that still has the original tags. I've bought Chanel without the original tag before from NM since I've been working the the same SA for a few years now and everything has been fine.
  11. Sure. Bonnie frm shirt hills and cookie frm paramus - if shes still there bec i havent seen her lately
  12. Thanks Melle255 - I feel as though I may have bought a bag that was used a few times and returned? I checked all of the pockets and there was no care booklet/info or tag. It does have the authenticity card and the hologram. I'm attaching a link to pics (probably more than you need, but I am new to this - sorry.)

    Thank you again for your input - this was such a big deal for me and it has taken me years to make the plunge. I actually did not go in to buy this particular bag, but they pulled it out of a closet and I thought it seemed like a good idea at the time. The SA said it was from last year and had not had the price increases that were put into place this year, thus the lower price. I didn't even think to check for the tags/care booklet, etc. at the time. I did think it was odd when the sa asked me if I wanted a box.

    Thank you again!!
  13. It's an adorable bag, but it sounds like you aren't comfortable with it.
  14. I thought it was pretty adorable at the store. The SA said that it gets better with time as well. I wasn't sure what was meant. I put a few items in it today and the sides wing out and it looks pretty bad. If I knew the style, I'd look it up to see if it really does get better with time or if others experienced this problem. I'm thinking this may be why it was taken back to the store after tags were off/care booklet was gone.

    So, now, I'm hoping I won't have a problem returning it to NM since there is no care booklet and no tag. (I have the receipt and box that also looks like it has been used - tape has been ripped off of it?)

    Does anyone know if I can return to a different NM so that I can look at their selection? Do the SA's work on commission at NM?
  15. I'd go back and see the associate and see if there is something else as they are on commission and would be nice for you to replace the bag with something better and the associate can save their sale. After that if you don't see anything worth buying, return it and check out another NM for their selection.