Neiman Marcus today: somewhat happy, somewhat pissed

  1. I went to Neiman Marcus today and my usual saleslady was on lunch (although I saw her in the back room). A wonderful gentleman helped me out, then gave my Manolo Blahniks and Gucci shoes to my normal saleslady to ring up so she would get the commission. How nice is that! What a great guy.

    And then I went up to the contemporary department and *attempted* to buy two Theory dresses that were identical: one navy, one white. The white one was the last one on the rack and it had a hole in it, but in an area that once buttoned, you wouldn't notice. Plus, it could have been easily fixed.

    I asked for a damage discount, was told by the salesgirl they don't give damage discounts, so I asked for a manager and was told again that not only does NM refuse to give damange discounts, but that also I would not be allowed to buy this dress! Because they don't sell damaged items!

    That's just fine, but for goodness sake, it's right here, I'm happily willing to pay for it, and you're not going to sell it to me???

    Anyway. Thanks for letting me both relay my tales of both glee and woe.
  2. "Somewhat happy, somewhat pissed"....doesn't that describe most NM experiences? Ha ha!
  3. ^^That's happened to me before at Dillard's. I was furious about it too, but it was company policy. Doesn't make a lot of sense IMO!
  4. You know what's strange...they'll probably just send the damaged dress out to NM Last Call...and sell it there for an even bigger discount!
  5. That happened to me at NM also. It was a dress, it had a "run" but not to bad. The saleslady said the exact same thing, and then the manager came and again said the same thing. She tried to get me to buy another dress, but I said I had already tried on everything and this is the one I wanted. They wouldn't budge and I didn't buy the dress.

    I found it on eBay and it was alot less than NM so THERE NM.
  6. I wonder if this was because people will deliberately damage items, and then try to get a discount? I know I've heard of that happening before.
  7. Holy moly, I didn't even think of that. Usually the discount is so small it's not worth it to put a hole in a dress... The navy dress had a button that was falling off, so I asked the salesgirl for some sissors and just cut it off myself, then put it in my pocket. I guess I damaged it! ;) I did buy it, however, with no discount!

    I feel pretty badly about the white dress, wish I could've had that one, too.

  8. I work a store where this happens quite a bit. We have actually caught customers trying to scratch furniture and mirror frames with their car keys to get a discount. It sucks though that people doing that has made stores refuse to sell items that were just honestly found damaged.
  9. i can MAYBE understand declining a damage discount (as someone who works in retail, i know all to well that the general public is not to be trusted around the merchandise!), i think it's ridiculous that they wouldn't let you buy the damaged dress for full price. did they offer to source it from another store for you? because crap, THE GAP did that for me for a $59 dress last weekend (which is ridiculously cute, omg, which is why it's already sold out at full price), you would think that a high-end store would bend over backwards.

    a lot of stores will have you sign a release stating what the defect was if you buy a defected item so you can't COMPLAIN about said defect in the future (since you've admitted you knew of the defect upon purchase), i don't see why that's not the obvious thing for NM to do.
  10. Oof, I know, I hate causing a scene but I was like, "Umm, you can send it back to the manufacturer, sure, but I'm standing right here and I'd like to buy it -- wouldn't that be so much easier?" Nope, apparently not.

    And no, Amanda, now that I think about it, they did not offer to source it for me -- they usually do, like practically force it upon you ("I have another dress at the NM in Texas, I can ship it to you"). Hmm. I guess I could just order it online, but geez.

    Gosh, I sure hope they don't think I caused the damage. I mean, I didn't even mind the loose button on the navy dress: I just asked to snip it off myself so it wouldn't get lost on the trek home! And did I get a discount for that? Nope!
  11. I'm thinking along the lines that they didn't want to sell something damaged because of their reputation selling luxury items? Just guessing:s
  12. They should have located the dress at another store and shipped it free of charge.
  13. It's kinda dumb they wouldn't let you buy it even when you agreed to pay full price. Weird store policies, I guess.
  14. I agree, or they should have sent it up to alterations and had them fix it and then sell it to you!
  15. I can see why they wouldn't let you buy a damage item. I think it is a good policy. For 1) how do you know the person didn't damage it to get it at discount and 2) selling damage goods in a high end store like NM isn't good for business. Many customers shop at NM because it is high end. They expect the best when going there and not something that is less than. What if a person bought the dress without really checking it out and took it home, you know how mad that person would be. I know I would be upset.

    I would have asked the SA to see if another store had the dress or have them order one for you.