Neiman Marcus The Addition

  1. I scanned and posted quite a few pictures from Nieman Marcus The Book and the supplement that comes with it called The Addition. Many people messaged me and said they didn't know what The Addition is so I scanned a few pages from it to post.

    It is a glossy paper almost a small newspaper size. I had to do two scans just to capture one page. First pic is the cover, second is their intro/message. third and fourth are page 10. It is about 16 pages total. This addition was all about fall. Sometimes they have them just about beauty and makeup. I keep them from the year to year. They fold up to about the size of a sheet of paper and are fun to reference as things go in and out of style.

    Hope this helps!
    addition.jpg addition2.jpg addition3.jpg addition4.jpg
  2. Yes! It's a great read, especially since I live in Charlotte and in talks in depth about the new NM that will be here!
  3. Bag Loving Mom You are lucky to have one. I live in WI and have to drive 2 hours to get to shopping civilization in Chicago! I can't wait for the kids to get back to school - it's been a long non-shopping summer!
  4. I have to drive 4 hrs to get to a NM. I live in Myrtle Beach and I will be going to the one in Charlotte when it opens.

    Does anyone know exactly when it is opening? I think it may be September. Also, I think they have a Hermes Boutique that will be opening around the same time. I should move to Charlotte. I would miss the beach though.
  5. I learn something new everyday here- thanks for the info. maxter.:smile:
  6. Hi Maxter, where did you post these pictures?
  7. ^They're in The Addition. I came w/ the latest book from NM.
  8. It Sept 15 I belive or around that time for NM. it will be Charlotte's exclusive carrier of Brioni and CHANEL :yahoo: :yahoo: I am so excited. Hermes will be next door, but I haven't received a definitive answer as to when it will open its doors. Gotta love Southpark Mall!!!!