Neiman Marcus @ Stanford Cocktail Party on 6/8

  1. I received an invite in the mail. Is anyone planning on going? I'm thinking about it.
  2. ANyone anyone?? :smile: :smile:
  3. I guess buying one purse there doesn't get a person an invitation!! But, one time we were there on a day of a party and the SA gave us invitations!
  4. I've actually only purchased two bags there. I secretly think she's trying to woo me away from LV Hawaii. :yes:
  5. I thought about going, but since I am still hobbling around, I am not :sad: Go and tell us all about it! Tell Sayo I said hi!
  6. Oh please be sure to tell us all the LV details! I am yet to go to one of these and I love to hear all about them so please indulge me! Enjoy and have a wonderful time!
  7. Let us know how it goes...details!
  8. I maybe going if i can get DF to drive me there.
  9. Sounds like fun, a summary of the festivities would be awesome :smile: I shop at that Neimans because its close to my work but not really at the louis kiosk. I guess thats why I have never been invited to an event
  10. Kuuipo will be going with me so we'll do a recap for everyone.
  11. Have a great time and be sure to give us a full report