Neiman Marcus smooshed my Bal mini city with an awful pack job

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  1. FYI- word of warning, if you ever order from NM online and it says ships from a store, be careful, the stores literally just shove the strap in the purse, place their tissue paper and craft paper around the purse but do not stuff the purse. I know chevre is a smooshy leather but my new metallic city arrived smooshed because of the poor pack job. I don't know how a $1500+ bag can be packed so crappy. Now, I'm going to have to return it to the local NM and hope they're not going to think I sat on it😔

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  2. Here's another photo.

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  3. Jeez even when I resell I pack better than that :nogood:
  4. As compared to my lovely non smooshed bag from Bal

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    I know, I don't think we pack anything like that. The purse is really smooshed....not smooshy. The strap wasn't even nicely rolled in the inside. It was crammed.
  6. How disappointing for you!
  7. I would contact & share the photos.. (NM needs to reach out to the store
    that bag got shipped from & forward those photos to head of shipping)

    They need to know how expensive merchandise like this is being packed..

    And frankly, if you are willing to put this on the forum, NM should be
    given IMO the opportunity to make their shipping department aware of
    the issue & correct it..
  8. I spoke to their online chat and they were frustrating (yes I mean you Renita G.) so I'm going to formally write a complaint to NM customer service. I just got back from a business trip last night and opened the box see this. I was just mad. I'm going to the NM in Honolulu to return and show them the box and the packing materials. The box they shipped it in was just big enough to fit the smooshed purse, one piece of outside tissue and crinkled craft paper on the bottom and top. The small box was a bit eyebrow raising because when it ships from the Irving TX warehouse location everything is nicely packed and in a box which can accommodate a properly stuffed purse with nicely folded tissue paper.

  9. I'd be angry & disappointed as well, but nonethless, NM needs to know &
    a "picture is worth a thousand words".
  10. Yes, of course we will be mad, after waiting and exciting our bag then we saw that condition? Oh noooo, must be upset.

    But maybe you should try to fix the problem with put on cotton shirt that you have for a while. To make the shape back again. For mini city need 2 shirt i think. Pressing for the corner area. Leave it for 2-3 days. Hth

  11. This is a brand new bag... Why should the OP have to do this?

    Let NM get her a "new bag in new condition"..One doesn't expect

    this from a major department store like NM... perhaps from a careless

    seller on the internet but not from NM... sorry.....
  12. I don't think a seller on the internet would dare...can you imagine the feedback? Though if it was a used bag that I bought knowing that it was used and was soft from use I'd understand that stuffing served no purpose. Also, maybe it was a display model or something but the bag doesn't hold its shape...of course that could be because it's flatter than a pancake.
  13. Thanks for the info😀 If it was completely sold out I'd try your suggestion but I think blue paon is still around. I know the bag would soften over a short time but even with stuffing it now, it has softened and won't hold its form. I know it's the smooshiness that makes the leather lovely but I prefer a crispy new bag which still has its form. The sides are all kinky too.
  14. this is becoming more common, even for high-end bags. i think it's because the items are just fulfilled at any local store/warehouse, so it's up to company employees to pack and ship from their individual locations. i had a customer returned/damaged bag (not bal) sent to me twice b/c it was sent from a local store. it's not ok to get bags like that. it might be NM, but they are supposed to represent the Bal product and that kind of shipping could lose a customer. i'd send it back, complain to NM, and complain to Bal about that store as well.
  15. You don't know what long term damage could have been done to the bag by shipping it like that, and attempting to fix it yourself could result in Neiman Marcus refusing responsibility for that damage.

    I really do think you need to take this up with NM at a higher level, and Balenciaga itself. It has its reputation on the line, after all. And given the amount of money you have paid for a dream bag, you deserve to get the bag of your dreams :smile:
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