Neiman Marcus SF stock

  1. I went into the city today and finally got a chance to meet the lovely Hatikuh! She is a very sweet girl :heart: , and the first thing we did was to go into NM and take a look at their stock. This is what they had as of today:

    First: Blueberry, Caramel (camel?) - *Both* of these bags have GORGEOUS leather and looked very smooth! :love:
    City: Truffle

    Twiggy: Greige

    Work: Truffle, Grenat

    Weekender: Truffle

    Purse: Truffle, Caramel

    Day: Truffle, Blueberry

    Mini Bowling: White, Grenat

    Whistle: Rouge vif

    Black Padded: Black

    Money wallet: Truffle, Black, Greige

    Oval clutch: Truffle, Black, Greige

    Shrug: White

    They also had some hook bags in a few colors...
  2. THanks for the great update! I'm planning to stop by NM SF tomorrow just HAD to mention the Day in Truffle, didn't you??? I'll have to exhibit some major self-control! :smile:
  3. Thanks for the update Cate!:flowers: That's so awesome that you and Hat met up!!! I'm sure you had a lot of fun! :yes:

    Did they have the toilet case?:shrugs: I doubt it but thought I'd ask.
  4. ^ no, they didnt. They don't usually carry small accessories. I was surprised to see the Money wallet...
  5. Thanks hati! It's so hard to find accessories here too!
  6. That's so cool that you and Hat met up! :heart: I'd love to meet you gals one day!:yes:

    Hmmm...a Greige Twiggy, huh?:graucho:

    Thanks for posting, cate22!:flowers:
  7. Kristy - Yup, they had LOTS of styles in Truffle. Good luck on your effort! :graucho:

    Zac & Pupster - Yes, it was a blast seeing Hati! She is great!
    Pup - I would love to meet you, too! :heart:
    And yes, there was one lonely, little greige twiggy sitting all by herself. Are you interested? :nuts:
  8. lol! Yeah, I am totally interested. I did a search and pulled up every post with "greige" in it so I can convince DH to let me get it. He said he hates the color! :crybaby: He loves the Twiggy style, though. Maybe I can persuade him. How was the leather on the Greige Twiggy? :graucho:
  9. ^Pup, work your magic on him so that he changes his mind! :graucho:
    The leather was nice - it looked quite thick. The only thing is, the color was more on the gray side, and didn't have much beige in it. Good luck, and please keep us updated! :flowers:
  10. lol! I'll try! Dh is turning into PHH, though, so my magic isn't as potent as it used to be. lol!:P

    The greige was more on the gray side? Aw, man! I was hoping it would be a pretty sandy cement color(more emphasis on the sandy bit). Thanks so much, though!:flowers:
  11. ^lol! :lol: :upsidedown:

    Yes, unfortunately that's how the one that was out on display looked. But, perhaps you can call them and ask if they have any more greige twiggies stored in the back? :yes:
  12. So after I saw this thread I went to NM and fell IN LOVE with the truffle day! Aside from the delicious chocolatey color, the leather was un-frickin-believable!!! Completely matte, hardly a vein to be found, and soft as a baby's patootie! My SA is holding the bag for me while I ponder HOW I'm going to buy this darling. I'll probably end up selling my leather Prada doctor's bag on eBay in order to justify/finance this purchase. (better than having to deal with DH, beg, plead, rationalize, etc.) I have til this Tuesday to decide!!!
  13. Yay, Kristy!!! :nuts: Let us know if you come home with this baby today!! :smile:
  14. oooh, it sounds beautiful!!! Hope you get it! :yahoo: please post piccies when you do!:heart:
  15. Heehee, Cate and Pupster -- I ALMOST came home with it bogged down at work and couldn't make the time. Anyways, I've decided to work some OT (take on extra writing jobs in addition to my regular work schedule) between now and November, and that will hopefully allow me to buy both this truffle hobo AND the blue india part-time (or city) that I have on order!

    I'll be super-busy and tired, but at least I'll have my two dream bags!!! I'm stopping by Neiman's tomorrow morning to buy the truffle hobo. YAYYYYY!!!!!!