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  1. as of saturday 2.9

    bubblegum pink day, city, part time, first, flat messenger
    sahara work
    vert thyme first, day
    magenta city, first
    black city, work, part time
    white brief
    tomato day
    sky blue flat messenger

    sky blue brief
    white city, brief
    black brief, work
    bubblegum pink city, part time
    plomb sphere, day (could have been black, but wasn't as dark as the other blacks)
    vert fonce city
    mogano day

    black part time, city
    magenta city
    bubblegum pink brief
    sky blue city

    sky blue shoulder
    magenta shoulder, long zip wallet
    sahara makeup
    bubblegum pink GGH coin purse
    sky blue GGH coin purse
    black GSH coin purse
    black toilet case
    mastic, black GGH giant traveler
    black/white lune clutch

    they also still have some bags on sale including:
    cream whistle bags
    matelasse clutches (cream, rust, black)
    matelasse trunk bags
    leather/wool duffles from holiday 07-08
  2. Wow, thanks for the thorough update!
  3. Thanks for sharing.
  4. Ooooh! How much were these little babies going for? :angel:
  5. crud...i have no clue...:push:
    i do know that everything has been marked down again, so i'm thinking 60% off retail...
    a friend of mine got the suede/leather convertible bag that was originally $1595 for $600...
  6. thanks for sharing! too bad no Step. I'm falling in love with it and would love to try it out first. Wonder if Sac Nordstrom has any in stock...=)
  7. wow thanks for sharing such a detailed inventory- what a great memory!! :smile:
  8. Balenciaga NY has the Step in Marigold, Cinnamon, Pine & Ivory. AlohaRag has the Step in Black, Plomb, Tabac & Ivory. I was ISO a Tomato Step which I finally ordered today. Sacramento Nordstrom & Aloha Rag are expecting to get Magenta Step at some point, AR will get Bubblegum too. Hope this helps you!!
  9. wow thanks for the info, melovepurse!! are you in search of a step too? =P
  10. Yes - I ordered my Tomato red Step today from Balenciaga NY, and I already have a Violet which I am loving!! Its a great size and I like the shape of it very much...I hope you get one, cause theyre awesome!
  11. the mat clutches were about 310 after the final discount - but they were final sale. the leather on them was gorgeous though!

    and the tomato day was STUNNING. I was SO tempted!
  12. Hmmm I am tempted by those Mat clutches...which to get, black or white? I already have a Black SGH Flat Clutch, so would a Black Mat be dumb? I'm picturing Cheshire's gorgeous black mat clutch but I do need a white clutch too, would the white get used as often? I'm so confused and on a bal buying-spree at the moment. Help? :flowers: lol
  13. if you already have the black flat clutch, get a white! i think you'll get a lot of use out of in since spring summer is coming. :smile:
  14. What are Matelasse TRUNK bags?:confused1:
  15. hehe yes, keep enabling me! I think a white mat would be so cute. I'm just deathly afraid of carrying white leather in NYC, on one of the threads discussing white bags, NYers were discouraging white bags since they'll just get dirty by themselves. I think I'm also a bit hesitant as I purchased two cities on Saturday, perhaps I should slow down a bit. :graucho: