Neiman Marcus SF stock as of 10.20

  1. holiday bags (silver hardware)
    navy wool/black leather city
    grey wool/brown leather day

    regular hardware

    mastic city
    black step, afternoon, mid-afternoon, city, first
    cinnamon brief, weekender
    ocean brief
    white first
    pine first

    giant gold hardware
    tomato brief
    pine city, hobo
    vert fonce besace
    cafe brief
    white brief
    black brief
    steel hobo
    jaune hobo
    cinnamon brief, day
    periwinkle weekender

    giant silver hardware
    mogano part time
    black brief
    steel escapade
    ocean RTT
    tomato city

    money: tomato, jaune, ivory, black, pine (GGH)
    envelope clutch: black (GGH)
    giant traveler: mastic, aquamarine (GGH)

    there was also another green first, but it was locked in a glass case...
    couldn't tell if it was emerald or vert gazon...
  2. Thanks, kimair!
    What did you think of the holiday bags and the pine hobo?
  3. is courrier discontinued?
  4. blue_hour_girl...i really like the holiday bags...the gray/brown combo is very nice...

    lindalinda...i don't think the courier has been discontinued...
    i've seen some at never had a big selection of them...

    oh, they also had one twiggy, in a brown color (not sure which brown though)...