Neiman Marcus (SF) Report, Part II

  1. I finally made my way there today. I can't say I remember all of the styles they had.. to the best of my knowledge they had:

    Blueberry: day, first
    Grenat: first, purse, and maybe a city..
    Rouge vif: Work (I think it was rouge vif, it was brighter than the grenat)
    Greige: city, twiggy
    Sapin: city, purse
    Truffle: In almost all styles
    Black: twiggy, first
    White: first

    Old Colors-
    Rouille: Box, first?
    Cornflower: first
    Emerald: first
    Grey: don't remember what styles

    I did take one surveillance shot but it was just a faraway picture of the entire Balenciaga section. SA approached me too soon for me to take any more, hence my biggest impulse purchase ever, OMG.. will post separately about this along with my take on the leather. The one pic to come as well!

    They also had a satin lilac clutch, various oval shaped clutches, and quite a few aulmonieres big and small. No wallets though.. I would've bought one probably!
  2. Thanks for the report babe! Oohh.. satin lilac clutch? :love:
  3. Ahh, so here we go, the one surveillance shot. This'll be a better report on what they have, sort of...

    View attachment 39471
  4. so minimalistic! what's that printed (hook?) bag in the front on the bottom shelf? it almost looks like leopard print...
  5. Ooh, thanks Murasaki. Love that surveillance shot, pic! I wouldn't mind ransacking the joint, lol! I see the grenat purse in the top shelf. I likies!!!
  6. thanks for sharing~~LOVE the surveillance shot!!!!
  7. oooo, cool!! thanks for the surveillance!!!!!!:supacool:
  8. So here's my impulse story:

    I was checking out all the bags, oohing and ahhing them and the SA comes up and starts helping me out. Next thing you know, I bought a sapin purse. Why sapin? I don't know... I was drawn to it's surprisingly neutral quality. But moreso, I bought one because of the leather. She pulled out the other two she had in the back and my goodness, the leather on each and everyone couldn't be more different and they were all the same color and style. But before I get into the leather, let me just tell you (and I say this feeling really mortified but relieved) that I returned it 15 minutes later. I barely made it out of NM and just had this feeling I shouldn't have bought it... so I returned it. I don't need another bag right now and I've got all the colors I would want already.

    So about the leather:

    The sapin purse was a prime example of how wildly different the leather is for Fall 2006. The three sapin purses that the SA layed out for me all had nice, nicer, and nicest leather! One was relatively smooth with a semi-luster finish and was somewhat soft, another one was similar to last season with a little distressing and pretty shiny but still better than last season, the last one was the one I bought, which was MATTE:love:, THICK:love:, DISTRESSED:love:, and SOFT:love:. I put it in my hand and it melted in a puddle! Needless to say that was the one I bought (that is before I returned it).

    So ladies, there is a reeaalllyy nice sapin purse there if anyone is interested! I wished I could've kept it but I'm no Nicole Ritchie (phooey!!)
  9. Oh gosh, I'm not sure! It does look like leopard print. I didn't notice that until I saw the picture just now :shrugs:
  10. Thanks for the leather report! Aww, I'm sorry that you returned the sapin purse. But you did good. You had more sense than a lot of us, and knew when it wasn't quite right.
  11. hehee.... I just pressed my nose up to the screen without realizing it- in order to get a better look at that bag!

    :roflmfao: what a doofus!
  12. ^^ OMG, I actually did laugh out loud! Your cute!! Hehe

    :roflmfao: :lol:
  13. :lol: just an insight into my daily struggle with blonde genes (too bad the strands don't match)... I should find out about it. I would love a leopard hook bag! that'd be so rock n' roll!
  14. It was such a trance-like state! I forgot I was suppose to hold out for spring 2007! Oy... :upsidedown:
  15. That would really rock! I actually took a liking to some of their other styles.. I don't know what it's called but it's that bag with the silver Balenciaga tag on the bottom right corner of the front and it has silver hardware with hinges on it... I could see myself using that bag everyday and it was in a nice blue-grey leather. I can't say for sure if it's the purported blue india for fall but it was purrrddyy. It had pretty nice leather too.