Neiman Marcus sent wrong bag.. Does this happen to you??

  1. I went a little crazy and ordered couple bags from Neiman Marcus and Bergdorf Goodman.... Even though I have already decided that I am going to return half of then I was still pretty excited to see my purses...

    BUT BUT BUT.... when i opened it.. it was completely different than what I ordered... I ordered one Chloe and one Kooba and received some very ugly "G-series" bag... I don't even know what it is.. it has flowers all over it..and very hard to describe.. but simply ugle... :yucky: :yucky:
    You would think that they at least send me something with the same brand...
    On the return form, it does not even have the option of "wrong bag sent"...
    And there is no pre-paid return label.. Paid $20 to send it back...:crybaby: :crybaby:

    I really hope Neiman Marcus can refund me completely considering that the full price of the bag they sent me is half of the price of the on bag i got on sale....

    I still have another gucci bag i ordered from bergdorf... i was soo excited about getting that... but right now..i am not sure if i can even get it...

    Did this ever happen to anybody else??? Or is it just my bad luck??:confused1: :confused1:
  2. What was on your receipt? Was it for the bag you ordered or the bag you sent back? You should have called them right away and they would have waived the shipping fee back.

    I haven't received the wrong item from them but I ordered an item to be monogramed. They sent it once - no monogram even though the order form said to. Sent it back and again they sent it with no monogram (the order form still said to). I'm still waiting on the third time to see if its monogramed.
  3. So sorry to hear about this awful mistake.:sad: I have not had that happen... yet. I am sure they will refund all your money, including shipping costs and be sure to tell them you would like the bags you ordered and ask them if would they give you a discount off the bags you ordered. They will more than likely offer you 10%, but reply back saying for all the headache, you would really appreciate 20%. I am pretty sure they will do it;)
    They did it for me when they shipped a JC bag "tossed" in a box without a dust bag and no packing material of any kind.
    Good luck!
  4. The receipt says the bag I ordered which is around 640 dollars (after sale discount) and the bag they sent me is retailed at 330 which should be around 170 after the sales... around 450 dollars different.. completely different brand...

    At this point, I will just be happy if they refund me the money... I really don't want anything else... and if my other bag does not come correctly, then I guess I should just stop ordering things online... :hysteric:
  5. Happened to me! I ordered a medium Chloé Whiskey Tracy for $823.00 and received a MiuMiu bag worth $1,300.00. The packing slip said Tracy. So I called customer service and had them send Fedex for free and the following day the Fedex man collected it. That was in December 27 and I still haven't gottten my refund!
  6. Yes, they also sent me an ugly G-series by mistake; but they came and got it (they TRIED to bill me return shipping too! I had to call them AGAIN to straighten that out). EVENTUALLY I was refunded all my money, but it took so long that it really hurt my Christmas gifting.
  7. Those all sound like such bad stories! I would not hesitate to call immediately when something like that happens. Ive always had the best luck to speak someone, and most of all be nice! Im sure you guys know this, but getting mad never works in your favor.
  8. What do you mean "They came and got it"??? They discovered their mistake?? Or they send somebody to pick it up??
    They just told me to send it back and they will credit my shipping... :cursing:
  9. What a pain! I have heard a lot of complaints lately about NM and Saks
  10. Not surprised...Neiman Marcus screwed up my Christmas gift order year before last and they canceled my exchange without telling me! It was their mistake and when they attempted to correct it weeks after the fact, the item sold out. They were like, Oops...sorry! :mad: They also screwed up an engraved item; they sent the wrong one!!! Somebody else's initials on it...I don't plan to order from them anymore. I had to find other gifts for two people really late...huge inconvenience. :yucky:
  11. Happened to me too. When I called Customer Service, they said they were out of the one I ordered, so sent me the one I got instead! :wtf: Utterly nuts. Further, they said that I needed to pay the postage to return it, and they would refund the charge when they got it. I don't think so. Instead, I took it to the store and returned it in person. Pain in the neck, if you ask me.:mad:
  12. After 40 mins of driving (each way)....I finally got the wrong stupid ugly purse returned.. and got my money back...
    I thought that will end my bad luck with the whole Neiman marcus, Bergdorf Goodman company... BUT NO.. it just started..
    I ordered a GUCCI Treasure Ivory Boston Bag on sale for 750... I called at least twice a day to make sure nothing is wrong with my order.. I even spoke with one earlier this afternoon and she assured me that NOTHING was wrong with my order and I am going to get it on Tuesday... BUT today at 8PM.. it was cancelled... they said it is all because my credit card company WILL NOT let them verify the information.. I called credit card company and they said the charge is already pending and approved... the money was already out...
    WTF with that stupid company??? I rather they tell me it is not in stock then stupid credit card issue because there is NOTHING wrong with my freaking credit card.... ~~~

    SHOULD I bother to call and speak with a manager tomorrow???? Because I am just afraid there is nothing I can do... But I feel I should get some kind of reimbursement or compensation for the troubles I went through... Even if I don't end up using it... I just want them to know they are SOOO WRONG for messing up my order~!!!
    What do you ladies and guys think?
  13. ^ Def call and complain. If there was something wrong with your CC company and they couldn't charge, NM should have alerted you right away and tell you something was wrong. This happened to me once before with another company and they professionally called to alert me before even considering canceling my order.

    If you call and complain about this, they should give you a discount or some compensation. Sheesh, you'd think they'd be more professional than this!
  14. I'm sorry about your ordeal. I've ordered from NM before and received the wrong items, missing items and damaged items. My account had been credited for the missing items, but, it took me calling about 3-4 times to make sure. Unfortunately, I didn't get my shipping refunded though. Now that I'm living in a state that has quite a few NM and SAKs, even if it's 1-2 hrs away, I return stuff to the stores. Right now I am waiting on 7 orders to come in. 5 from NM and 2 from SAKS. I am hoping there will be no issues.