Neiman Marcus sent the wrong bag!

  1. Arghh! Instead of my much anticipated Ellen Tracy, they send me a Cole Haan G-Series. More expensive, but I completely don't care for it. I am soooo disappointed, I have been counting the days since I ordered it, now I have to argue with them about why I will not pay the return shipping... and I KNOW the bag is sold out. I just know am not ever going to get the bag I ordered!
    :sad: :crybaby:
  2. You will definately not have to pay the return shipping! It's very annoying, are you sure the bag is sold out?
  3. How disappointing! :sad:

    BTW, how much more expensive is the Cole Haan?
  4. Oh no! I do cross my fingers that they have one left for you!
  5. A similiar thing happened to me...I had ordered a skirt that cost about $60.00 and instead they sent me a pair of $195.00 jeans that even had the correct persons invoice included. I didn't have a problem with the return (I would imagine they were relieved) and the skirt was still available. I hope that all works out well for you.
  6. sorry to hear that! it just sucks. esp. since if it was me i know i'd constantly have one ear glued to the door waiting for the delivery guy

    and no you shouldn't pay for shipping! and they should sped the process in sending you a new bag!
  7. That's a shame. How disappointing. :sad: