Neiman Marcus sent me shoes in this condition.... Keep or return?

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  1. #1 May 15, 2016
    Last edited: May 15, 2016
    Hi ladies. I'm torn on what to do. I have been stalking a pair of Louboutin calf hair heels for months and when they popped up on my size on the NM website... I was ecstatic!

    I finally received the shoes after 2 full weeks. To my surprise, I opened up the box and there was a heel liner on one shoe and horrible, dirty sticky residue on the other. It seems like they tried to remove one liner and left the other one on. What were they thinking? Lol! I was shocked and amused at the same time. You'd think they would damage these shoes out of inventory, but no... they shipped them to me.

    Would you keep them at almost $900? I paid full price and tax.

    Edit: I can't seem to add pictures. You'd laugh after seeing them.
  2. Return and wait for the perfect pair!
  3. This happened to me a year ago, although from Saks. I called customer service and complained, saying I would keep the shoes, if discounted and I was appalled something in that condition was sold/ sent to a customer. They'd obviously been a return...I was granted a discount and later sent a gift card. It all depends on how badly you want the shoes, but I'd definitely voice your displeasure.
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    How much of a discount did Saks give you? The shoes I received are in worse condition that second cut sales lol. I don't think I'd ever purchase shoes with padding already on and sticky residue...even on sale. I'm just shocked at the quality issues these stores are having. $900 for a pair of shoes should be in new condition and not used/damaged!
  5. The customer service rep searched all stores and they no longer have them. In fact, they are being discontinued. I don't think they'll ever show up again... :/
  6. You could try finding a pair on second hand sites but they might not always be in perfect condition. I agree that you should call and see what kind of discount or gift card they can offer you. Once you know that I think you will have a better idea of whether they are worth keeping. Good luck!!!

  7. Oh no :sad: I like what the poster above said. Call and complain and maybe you'll get a discount. In fact, they need to give you one! If they're the only pair anywhere, I would keep them but only with a discount. If you really really love and want them, try to get a discount but keep them.
  8. I honestly don't remember, but want to say it was $100 off. The gift card was for $150.00.
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    This is somewhat off- topic, but I purchased a Chanel bag from Neiman's this past January and it took over a week to arrive. I called Neiman's as well as Chanel in- store to register a complaint and received a $150.00 gift card from Neiman's, then a few weeks later a $75.00 Neiman's gift card from Chanel. My point, for high- end designer merchandise, the client should receive excellent customer service and merchandise that is in pristine condition for the price we pay. I truly am Not a chronic complainer, but when justified, I will register a formal complaint. Fact is, we can shop at many different high- end retailers and the store we choose should " earn" our sales and our loyalty. I'd definitely register a complaint! Keep the shoes if you love them and they are hard to get, but Only if you're given compensation for their condition.
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    Finally, I was able to upload pictures.

    Dirty sticky residue. Can a cobbler do anything to remove this?


    Also dirty insole. You'd think they would try to clean it before sending.

    A few areas are balding and some areas hairs are going in the opposite direction. I may bring this to my trusted cobbler to ask him if it's fixable.

    A deep cut in the red sole.
  11. Shakentree and wildflower22, thanks for the advice in contacting them. I tried to call them and they only offered a very small discount. I don't think the condition of the shoes justify the price. I was recommended to add another heel liner, but that would make the shoes too small for me. I'd have to remove the liner for a perfect fit. Sticky residue in both heels for that price? Or return? :nogood:

    The customer service rep informed me that it would take them a few days to respond to my pictures in email. Hopefully, they can drop the price down to something that would make damaged/dirty shoes acceptable lol! I don't think I'll ever make another online purchase again unless it's new stock. I'm still appalled that a reputable store like Neiman Marcus would ship these to me.

    Wow, that's great that they did that for you. I agree that we should expect the best from high end retailers. I've shopped at the Neiman's retail stores and their in-stock items have never been an issue. This is the first time that something like this has happened. I'll think twice before ever purchasing from their online store again! My order also took twice the stated shipping time. I hope they can compensate me for all of these problems. I guess I have to wait and see. I may contact the Louboutin website and see if they can also help me.

    Regarding your shoes from Saks, what did you ever do to the heel liner problem? Did you remove them? Were you able to remove the sticky residue? The back heel is suede, which worries me.
  12. My issue with the shoes I received was not heel liners. The point of the toe on one of the shoes was scuffed and the soles were slightly scuffed, as if they'd been worn, then returned. The inside of the shoes was perfect. I was able to cover the toe scuff with a thin application of polish and the discount I received was acceptable. The shoes were a style/ color I'd been wanting, but were very hard to find in my size. I knew if I sent them back, I'd never find them in my size again.
  13. Did you speak with the Dept. Manager directly? If no, try to do so. Also, request to speak with the Manager of the Store, if they were shipped from a store. In my case, they were, making it easier to be compensated.
  14. Return definitely.
  15. Mine are also lightly scuffed/scratched on the bottom red sole. I can handle that, but the inside sticky heel is what's driving me nuts.

    I feel the same way... if I send them back, I won't see them again! I have been searching months for these. Contacted Saks, Bergdorf's, Barney's, searched the CL site, and nothing. :nogood: Oh for the love of shoes... I drive myself crazy. :lol:

    They actually did ship from the store. I haven't thought about contacting the store, but I may do that tomorrow. I just sent an email to the Louboutin site. Let's see what happens. Thanks for your tips! :tup:

    I may do that if they cannot compensate me for the issues. Am I crazy for thinking about keeping them? They are just beautiful in pictures.