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  1. I was in AZ for a few days and I went to NM there and they had a lot of Bbags. I didnt look at all of them, but these were the ones that stood out:

    *Blue India Day and Part Time. Both with AMAZING leather!
    *Blueberry Day and First. Day was VERY distressed and "rough"
    *LOTS of Black Twiggys, First and Cities. All nice.
    *Lots of Truffle everything. Very distressed looking, is that the way Truffle is?
    *Sapin Day and City, Gorgeous leather.
    *Green (Emerald?) City. Gorgeous leather.
    *Dark blue whistle bags.

    They will be getting the NEW 2007 bags (some of them anyway) within 2-3 weeks they said. They also had the Bbag book, got to see the new colors before a Manager got mad at the SA for showing it to me. I will be all over the Marine Blue.

    AND I was a very good girl and didnt buy any. Although I REALLY wanted the BI Day. I went back 3 times to look at it!

    I did cheat and buy a Blue Coach Patent Leather Hamptons Tote that I fell in love with.
  2. So what did the book show - did it show actual photos of bags in the new colors? If so, what styles/colors did you see?!?! Did you see any Vert D'eau (the lighter green)?

    Also, do you think she's right about the 2-3 weeks time frame? I thought they weren't arriving 'til January....
  3. Donna,
    Thanks for the update! I have to live vicariously through people who actually live near enough to NM and other stores who can see the bags! It's fun to hear about them.
  4. Yayyyyy hi girlie, you are back. I missed you.:yahoo:
  5. Thanks for the info. Donna. Can you say more about Marine? Does it look as dark as the photos that have been posted so far?
  6. Gosh, are we all over you :nuts:- can you describe the spring colors in more detail?
  7. By the way...wheres Liz? They had an EXTRA COURIER in Emerald that was HUGE! And awesome leather.

    I asked specifically about the Marine blue and I got to see that and I want it in the Shopping and the City. The seafoam is light and my first thought was, uh oh, it will get sooo dirty, and perhaps turn yellowish? The brown is very pretty, I believe it was called Cafe? I didnt see the Anthracite just whats coming in December. The periwinkle is very pretty and I bet you girls will be all over that. I cant remember the name of it. The SA called it periwinkle. She couldnt tell me what bags were coming in what styles. I got the impression that everything is date sensitive and they werent supposed to release info. Gees, they are handbgas, not CIA secrets! holey moley. Almost forgot, I did NOT see any of the big hardware bags, I would have if the Manager from hell didnt come flying out behind a bunch of displays and get very angry. Gees, she needs a little fiber in her diet!

  8. I missed you too!!!:heart:
  9. Hi Donna, how's the periwinkle compared to the '06 lilac?
  10. By periwinkle, do you mean the really bright blue color (otherwise known as "french blue" or "bleu de france")? This is going to be super confusing if NM calls *that* periwinkle, since one of the Collection colors is called Periwinkle (or Bleu Glacier) ... and it is a very pale ice-ish blue with lavender undertones.

    Here are the swatch boards on atelier-naff, for your reference:
    atelier.naff: Seafoam! (ish) ...SS07 color swatches
  11. I was at Bal NY a week and a half ago and I saw the new color swatches for spring.

    Periwinkle is Bleu Glacier and it's a BEAUTIFUL color. I really loved it. Aquamarine is like a Blue India but brighter and darker at the same time.

    I didn't really peek too much at the other colors since I was drawn immediately to those two. It's hard to imagine what a whole bag will look like though when you are looking at a little 2x2 swatch of leather...hehee. But the Periwinkle caught my eye immediately. From what I can recall it was basically a light bluish grayish tone with a hint of lavendar to it. The color on Naff's site for Bleu Glacier seems like it's spot on with what I can recall on the swatch. It seems like it'd be fab for spring and with JEANS!

    They also told me the bags would be there in Jan.

    Donna, I just got a Blue India Day from a local retailer here in SF Bay and I LOVE IT. I coveted it the minute I saw it and I am so happy I ended up getting it. Definitely recommended. :graucho: But the Aquamarine in Spring is close if you end up not doing the BI, you might like Aqua better.
  12. Thanks Donna! Whoo hoo, I hope they do get the new bags in Dec. I'll be heading there for work mid-Dec and am dying to see the new colors IRL.
  13. Donna,
    what was the marine like in person? any previous colors it's close to? I'm trying to decide if I want to go for skyblue city now or just hold off a few weeks and get something darker like the marine. I just bought a cornflower box and want a city but I can't keep spending at this rate or hubby will divorce me so my next bag has to tide me over for a while. blue is my favorite light now or dark later??? help