Neiman Marcus Sale?

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  1. I was wondering if the sale is this weekend at Neiman Marcus is it 40% off all sale items?
    Has anyone find anything good in stores? I was going to head over on saturday do u think it's worth it?
  2. I was at NM this week and the sale already started. I got a pair of Ferregamo shoes for more than 55% off. I think the sale was starting Wednesday(2 days ago) but they were doing presales for about a week before.
  3. Last Call sale in-store is Jan 16 - 22. I went last weekend and there wasn't much left really. I presaled a DVF jacket that was originally $425, last markdown was $318 and Last Call price I paid was $148. That's about 65% off of original. There was a Theory cropped jacket I liked but they only had a size P left. It was originally $335, on sale for $117. Unfortunately they said they are not permitted to call other stores for different sizes during the sale.
  4. Last-Call in Milpitas is having a buy1 get1 50%off this weekend :tup:
  5. Is there a website?
  6. I was in last week and they had alot of good jeans if you were size 25-26 plus they were giving them away. Some were $158 marked down to $58 some $185 down to $63 etc...I saw R&R COH a few Sevens. It is worth a look especially if they go down more, as for shirts my store was awful! Either that or last seasons merchandise was garbage, everything I picked up looked like a sack