Neiman Marcus Sale???

  1. I could have sworn I read somewhere that Neimans was having an in store sale that started the 16th??? Now I can not seem to find it? Did anyone else see this or I am just losing my mind?:confused1:

    If I am in fact correct and manage get there when the doors open, does anyone know what my chances are of finding a JC bag on sale? By the time I usually get to a Neimans sale the good stuff is already gone:crybaby:
  2. Don't this you're losing your mind :smile:
    I think I got something in the mail about that.
  3. Yea!! My sanity is safe. :yahoo: Thanks Lady Chinadoll
  4. I went to Palo Altos NM two days ago, and they were doing the pre-sale already. However, I didn't see any JC bags at this particular NM.
  5. Drat.... Forgot about pre-sale. Sad to say, even though Neimans and Saks are 15 min away, I have become an online junkie and never make it to the stores these days.
  6. NM is presaling now for the 16th. I was at SF Neiman's on Saturday and they didn't have any JC's on the table.
  7. Hey starbuxxx, does the Choo boutique in Bloomies have anything left on sale? I would love to pick up a cosmetics bag.:love:
  8. Hi JM - I was at Bloomies on Saturday - I can't help myself - I live in the city so I'm too close not to pop in on Saturday mornings. I had to check out the turqoise mahala in person and some of the new styles.

    They have a few bags left but I didn't see any cosmetic cases. They still have the suede Ramona with all the studs on it that Robyn posted a photo of ages ago. None of the other ones stood out but you should call them to make sure.

    In my efforts to track down a bag for a friend I talked to NM in Austin, TX and they have a black calf hair JC arad for $840. They also had another Choo bag in burgundy suede but they didn't have the name - it sounded like Alex but she wasn't sure. I talked to the SA Lauren and she was very nice.

    I either need purse therapy or someone to take away my internet!