Neiman Marcus Sale Items = No Dustbags?

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  1. I just received a bag today from them and I realized there is no dustbag to be found! I even contacted an associate before I ordered to make sure that the bag was new and would include a dustbag.

    Is it a policy for sale items to NOT include a dustbag or did I just receive a return?
    The bag looked fine, it's the fact there is no dustbag that kind of bugs me. Oh and the fact that they lied to me also ticks me off!
  2. It's probably not the SA's fault... sometimes random dustbags are just lost. It's actually happened to me a few times, but the SAs have all been super nice and found other dustbags for me when they saw that the bags I bought didn't have them.

    Sometimes if they run out of dustbags, I've noticed they start handing out NM ones. Maybe you could just ask someone for a dustbag? Worst case scenario, you'll get a NM one, which isn't that bad.
  3. Wow! That would really annoy me too!! Does Neiman Marcus feel that sale shoppers are less important than regular price shoppers? It certainly appears that way. :hrmm:

    I think you have every right to be ticked off.
  4. I have a feeling it was an oversight. What kind of bag did you buy? As ChenChen said, they might be able to give you a NM dust cover.
  5. Depends...sometimes the dustbag was lost in one of the stores during the sale and won't be included. In my experience it's been hit or miss...sometimes they will located another to give you, sometimes they say too bad they don't have any left, and sometimes the bags come with TWO dustbags--the designer one AND a generic NM one.
  6. I bought a mbmj pouchette and it was in quite a USED condition! It had NO tags, the bag was sticky as if there were a lot of stickers on it and somenoe peeled them off and had the sticky residue leftover!
    However, it came in a HUGE white dustbag (no brand); I'm assuming it is a NM one. I returned the bag, was in bad condition. :tdown:
  7. i would make sure they give you one or something to compensate! good luck!
  8. I have gotten several sale bags from NM online, all had dust bags (the dust bags that go with the brand). In store, I bought an Anna Corinna on sale, and I guess AC bags don't have dust bags. The SA just gave me a Neiman Marcus dust bag, I didn't even have to ask. I think it was just an oversight. If you don't care that the dust bag match the brand of your bag, then just go to any Neiman store and ask for one.
  9. If you call they may send you one. I know there was a thread re. shoes purchased at NM w/no dustbag. Well, I had just purchased a pair of CL pumps there while on vacation and realized no bag. I called when I got home and they mailed me the bag. It's worth a shot.
  10. I have definitely bought things at NM Last Call that didn't have all the accoutrements--like sunglasses that came with no case, or with a random case from a different manufacturer.
  11. I have order sale items from NM and BG on line and some have not come with dustbags. I always call to complain...
  12. Call and request one or go to a local store and ask. I've never had a problem getting a new dust bag.