Neiman Marcus SA with some balenciaga knowledge?

  1. Can someone please suggest a really nice SA from NM that has a fair bit of knowledge of Balenciaga handbags. ;)

    I am hoping to be added to a waiting list for the Bal Work and Day in Grape/Violet - but none of the NM SA's that I've spoken to seems to know that there is even a Grape/Violet color.

    One SA insisted to me that the Rouille is a Blue color and not Rust/Orange:rolleyes:...

  2. Call Lisa Hamlin from Troy, MI at 248-635-8442. She's the best NM's SA.
  3. thanks Virtual Shopper! I just left her a message! :smile:
  4. I was told that NM did not order the work in grape in rh. Lisa's great and Peggy from NM San Fran was very helpful too. I believe they are calling it violine.
  5. Gary is my Main Man at NM, from the LA store. His cell number:
  7. The SAs in Holts here are worse... everything dark colored is "black" - be it Anthracite, Plomb, Vert Fonce, etc.
  8. NM is getting the first in RH and Giant Work for sure in violine and I think I recall they will also have the city as well but I'm unsure whether it is GH or RH. They did not order very many styles at all in violine. Oh it also comes in the birkin tote as well... that's #4 on the bal website under the accessories section.
  9. thank you! i was told yesterday that NM is only confirmed to get the First and City Violine in RH - but all the styles in the SGH. I put myself on a wait list for the City Violine - I guess, I'll have to wait and see.