Neiman Marcus Rocks!

  1. You can order on their online chat. Thay are so helpful and quick!!! It is dangerous though, I just bought a pair of Stella McCarthney Hot pink shoes
  2. yes you can, i was a little wary though. didn't wanna reveal my cc details on the chat but guess they should be reliable enough? just a little afraid info might get lost / abused somewhere.
  3. very true but it has a secure item and it is deleted after.done now, so hopefully i'll be ok. going to get stung with import tax once the shoes arrive, wonder how much it is
  4. I am glad you like your experience with them..
    Whenever I order stuff from their website, it always turn out to be a horrible experience... either canncellation or used...
  5. god, i am very worried now. so they have cancelled your order or you get ruined shoes???
  6. If you ordered over the phone your order should not be cancelled because your Sales Associate was looking at the most up to date information - the cancellations are from the website, which does not update quickly enough when something is out of stock.

    I hope you love your shoes!!
  7. ok thanks! i am a bit worried now! they assured me the shoes were coming from their warehouse and i should get them on monday. i hope they are in good conditiona nd not used, as i live in ireland and returning would be a nightmare