NEIMAN MARCUS- return to store or their warehouse?

Feb 8, 2007
Dear ladies,

I helped my sister placed an order for 1 pair of chanel flats & wallet through email correspondences with a sales rep in NM. It was an international shipment.

Unfortunately the shoes do not fit & she was not satisfied with the wallet.

She asked me to help her do a return & refund.

I called NM Custome service line.. This sales rep told me for orders made through emails/phones with the stores had to be returned directly to the store.

Meaning i have to mail back the shoes & wallets DIRECLY to the store, & NOT to their 123 Customer way Irving, TX 75039.

1. Can someone advise if this is the case?

However in the package that she received, there wasn't any HARD COPY receipt, only the shipping performa. The receipt was emailed to us..

2. So do i have to print out the receipt & mail back together with the items??


Jun 2, 2008
I would print out a copy of the receipt that was emailed to you and send it along with a copy of the invoice that came in the package (keep a copy for yourself). I would also fully insure the package and get signature confirmation. I remember a thread from a few years ago where the poster returned a bag by mail to either Sak's or Neiman Marcus and the store claimed they never received it. With insurance and signature confirmation you should be safe. Good luck!!