Neiman Marcus Return Policy?

  1. I received a bag as a gift but I think it's not really my thing, plus I've already bought my "spring" bag... So I wanted to take it back to NM--I have the tags, authenticity card, dust bag and receipt.

    Will NM give me a cash refund or a mail check? I suppose that they'd be willing to give me a gift card/store credit, but I'd prefer to get cash back in case I find something that I love at another store. Thanks for the answer, in advance!
  2. if the bag is high-end, i doubt they'd be willing to cash out the refund. i work in retail, and we don't cash out refunds over $200 - over that, we send a check, and i find that to be fairly common. if the bag was bought on a credit card, they may want to refund the card. if they want to do that, your only option might be store credit/gift card. it should say on the reciept what the form of payment was.

    just remember, a lot of times, the store's hands are tied in this situation. the register software often sets up the return automatically based on the reciept info, and there are only a limited number of things that in-store associates are able to manipulate in any way. for example, there's literally no way to cash out a return over $200 in my store's registers. the option does not exist in the software, and if there's no way to do it in the register software, there's no way to make the books balance for that missing cash at the end of the day.

    just a reminder from someone that sees the other side!
  3. ^^I'd be okay with a mail check. Unfortunately the gift receipt gives no information other than the tax rate and the SKU numbers for the item. It just says to bring it in for a "credit, refund or exchange"...
  4. I got a gift from Neiman's from a friend and I was surprised when they told me that they would mail me a check for the amount of the gift item. The gift item wasn't that much but I think if they did it for something like that, it's most likely they'll send you a check for your gift return. good luck!
  5. I am not really sure what their return policy is but I do remember getting cash back on a $100 item that I got as a gift. I never knew that was an option until the SA asked me if I wanted cash back. That was actually the one and only time I did get cash back. The other times I either got a credited back to my account or a gift card.
  6. if the purchase is less than $500 you can get cash back, otherwise they will send a check
  7. ^^Thanks for the info! It was more than $500, so I'll hope they'll be ok with sending me a check!