Neiman Marcus Refreshers!

  1. When exactly is the item yours?

    I've found a few items, quickly put it in my cart, and sped race my info (credit card, etc) info on there, less than a minute and it's gone!

    It's happened so many times in the past few hours! I'm so frustrated!

    Slow down a bit, and give me a chance, hehe!

    I thought as long as you click "check-out" it will remain in there while you put in your info?
  2. hehe I think the inventory updating is having issues. Bags have been appearing on and off thru the day.
  3. Arrrrrrrrr, I just missed the MJ Mina Bag.................arggggggggg :sad:
  4. I missed the MbyMJ Aline, Dr. Groovee Delan., and the Mayfair! They were all in my cart and I was in the process of checking out. OUCH OUCH OUCH!
  5. the best way is to make sure you are logged into your account and have your credit card already on file that you want to use. that way you just have to click two buttons and your done!
  6. I don't know when you can say the bag is yours for sure.
    What I know is that having a bag in your cart doesn't mean anything.
    Even after you check out and complete the transaction, your order might get canceled depending on how updated NM stock information is. Sometimes a bag is out of stock but still shows up on the web site. If you buy one of those bags, your order will be canceled. The fastest way to check for canceled order is to see your web order history.
  7. I've learned that just becuase you have them in your bag and then click checkout, that doesnt mean they are yours until the transaction is completed.

    I thought it was so i put a gucci hobo in my cart and searched for a card. by the time i came back it was gone! i also lost out on a great burberry wallet too. you have to checkout right away, just because they are in your cart doesnt make them yours.
  8. The mj mina was back a second ago...
  9. OMG, I just missed that again.............this is too fustrated. arrrrrrrrrr. I'm in the middle of my checking out process............arrrrrrr

  10. GUCCI-I find that if I am signed into my account with my billing info all ready that it is less likely that the item will fly out of my cart during the checkout process. Nine times out of ten it works for me. As to when you know that it's yours after the checkout...only when the tracking info shows that it is in transit!
  11. I just inputted my credit card info onto my NM account, you ladies watch out now! =P
  12. Have you ladies scored anything yet? I promise I won't yell at you if that was the item I wanted to buy.... =)
  13. Hurry, MJ is Mina back again!
  14. Minas Back In Plum!
  15. Wow, 9 out of 10 is quite high!!! Do you use your NM charge? and I am sure that you are on their best customer list. I may be wrong but believe that helps.