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  1. Does anyone have any current Neiman Marcus promo codes? Free Shipping, anything? Thanks.
  2. For free shipping (I just read on another thread) try WELCOME
  3. Thank you it worked! It was free shipping! Yes, almost done buying mom's presents for her birthday!
  4. when will NM have a sale on their designer purses?
  5. they have the sale page of handbags..

    i got a kooba sienna from them. from time to time, just check the page.
  6. There are some really good buys on NM from time to time...and they go pretty quickly. I always hope to look "at just the right time". I also got a Kooba Sienna from there in Moss. Love it!
  7. Julyfs for free shipping
  8. there's a thread stuck at the top of this forum :idea:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.