Neiman Marcus "Private Shopping Night"?

  1. Can anyone tell me what the NM "Private Shopping Night" is? I just received this flyer in the mail for the first time. Is it worth my time to go? Is it like everything in store is discounted? jUst certain items? the flyer says "Remember, it's one night only! The next day, these private-night sale items return to their original prices"

    Help! TIA :smile:
  2. when is the private shopping night? haven't got mine...usually got it everytime...hmmmm
  3. My flyer says Tuesday, May 8
  4. Deslynx- maybe your flyer is still on its way. The back of the flyer says "Postmaster: Please deliver May 2-4", so it seems like I just got mine a bit early.
  5. I hope so....usually if they have 1 night sale...they have pretty good sale =) I don't have Neiman Marcus here so I usually shop online...and they have 1 or 2 days only sale event...and the next day...all prices back to regular =)

    thanx for the info!
  6. is the date same accross all NM?
  7. Love, love, love private night. Last season's private night there was 30% off of Gucci, Louboutin, Manolo, Mulberry, Prada....I even got a small Chloe bag for $175!

    It is definitely a good deal. Call your SA and get the scoop on the sale items the morning of, and you can decide if its worth it to go or not.
  8. do you need the flyer to get the discount??
  9. This is a major good deal! The discounted merchandise is all current stuff (not past season) and at my local NM in Dallas (Northpark), they honor the sale items that morning, not just in the evening. Price tags are not changed, since the regular prices go back the next day...there are signs on the racks that read "40% off". The last time they did this, I was able to get a DVF dress and one by Chetta B, both at $100 or so off regular list price. Major good deals! BTW, Saks is doing the same thing on May 8.
  10. I wonder if Gucci/Balenciaga are included.:nuts:
  11. Hmmmm, I just bought a bag from NM yesterday, wonder if it will be included?
  12. Saks is doing the same thing? I only knew about Friends and Family!:nuts:
  13. So does this work for online shopping? Is there a code or a special site to go to? I'm traveling that night so I won't be able to make it to the physical store!!
  14. MY SA just called, he said if you can't make it to the private night, wait until the May 9th, 1st call starts.
  15. Is this for online too?