Neiman Marcus Private Shopping Night Info

  1. Just received an email from NM.

    30% off designer items.

    Email says to look for another email at 4 p.m. today w/ details!!
  2. NM in Orlando will have Chloe for 40% off!!
  3. I :heart: my SA. He let me get a few things last night....
  4. anyone knows if Balenciaga included?
  5. What did you get and what do you know??!!!!!!
  6. The Northbrook IL one is today. I am going tonight!

  7. What did you get???????
  8. Is the LA Neiman having something tonight too? Does anyone one what the sale will include?
  9. How did you get this info?:nuts:
  10. Me too! :nuts:
  11. Hi,
    I just checked online and it looks like the sale has started.
  12. Houston NM has lots of Chloe (at least 40 bags, in at least 6-8 different styles, by my best guess) at 40% off. They're preselling now, for ringup and pickup tonight. They also had lots of D&G

    Anyway, FWIW
  13. The website has the list of sale items. Use PRIVATE for the code for 30% off plus free shipping. Lots of Chloe shoes, bags, clothes.

    No Manolo, Louboutin, Bottega. :crybaby:

  14. No, Balenciaga is not included.:crybaby:
  15. thanks!

    I just got these MJ sunglasses for like $67.00