Neiman Marcus Pre-Sale Going on NOW!!

  1. I was in Dallas this weekend and they're having a Pre-sale. Mostly on clothes though. I didn't see much purses on sales. They're having a Tax free weekend next week in Tx so you pick them up next week when there's no tax :yahoo:

    I saw some Dior purses, but nothing great. Some Gucci sunglasses for $100. Bunch of SHOES!! I saw SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Many dress shirts for men on sales. Women's Swim suit! My bf picked up some Prada Flip flop for $75 from $175.
  2. is this everywhere? i thought NM is done with sales? They just had Last Call in LA...
  3. The tax free sale is only on clothes, shoes and school supplies. Are purses or sunglasses included? I don't remember if they are included.
  4. SD is starting their Last Call on August 2nd. I think the NM stores have their Last Call sales staggered... Stuff that doesn't sell at one location gets sent to another.
  5. I spoke with the SA in Scottsdale and she said the same thing. The Last Call sale rotates around the country.:smile:
  6. I don't remember if they're included either, but you can only get tax free on things that are under $100 so that elminates 99% of the designer bags they carry lol