Neiman Marcus Opening in Charlotte!!!

  1. I am so excited this morning. Neiman Marcus is slated to open tomorrow in Charlotte. :yahoo: :yahoo: That means MORE handbags for the taking. Is anyone on here heading that way tomorrow? Maybe some of the PF ladies in the area can meet up or something.
  2. Congratulations! I know you've been looking forward to this for quite a while.

  3. Thanks. I HAVE been looking forward to this.:yes: :nuts: Now I have to look forward to the opening of the new Hermes.
  4. Charlotte Observer | 09/14/2006 | Glamour reigns at gala

    Here is the link to the wonderful events that took place on Thursday evening. The store carries Chanel, Gucci, Prada, Fendi, Bottega Veneta, Marc Jacobs and many other kinds of bags.
  5. DH tried to get me to move there a year or so ago and I refused, the shiopping wans't good enough! LOL!
    It sounds stupid to some people but being in Dallas I've become spoiled. . . I loved Charlotte, but not it's shopping, sounds like it's catching up!
    Have fun!
  6. Can you give us a little review of the new store or the South Park Mall? I live outside of Wilmington, NC, and will probably make a trip to Charlotte now and then. Used to live near Chicago and we had 2 Niemans, plus every other store imaginable.
  7. I lOve Charlotte! I vacation in Kiawah.. Now I love it more!!!
  8. Congratulations on your new store! I wish we still had a NM! Ours was a test store that didn't do very well so it only lasted a few months. Even though it's gone now, we still have to pay tax on NM orders years later in our state! Encourage everyone to buy so it doesn't go away like ours did.
  9. I Went On Friday!!! It Is Beautiful!!!!! :smile:
  10. Well I wish I could have reported live from the front lines, but had to wait until I got back. Swanky, stay where you are. I might like the shopping in Charlotte, but I know without a shadow of a doubt it is better where you are:yes: .

    The store was beautiful. My only issues were that many of the SA's seem to feel that everyone coming in was a Neiman Marcus newbie. I had to correct quite a few of them who asked if it was my first time in a NM.

    The bag selection was really nice. I ended up getting a new Chanel bag that really grabbed my heart. They had an alligator Chanel bag in emerald green that retailed for $15,000.00. I'm not a fan of alligator and thought the bag looked rather stuffy. The SA gave me a look as though she just KNEW I couldn't afford it. :graucho: Shows how much she knows... hehe Anyway, I purchased the grand shopping Cambon tote.

    Gucci, Prada, Fendi, were bursting at the seams with bags. They had quite a few spy bags...including one made of fur. Bottega selection was nice as well. Unfortunately the Judith Leiber collection left MUCH to be desired.They also had bags by designers I had never even heard of before.

    The shoe selection was nice as well. I was pleased to see they had a dainty little camouflage version of the silver manolo in my avatar. Very cute!

    I was carrying my birkin and quite a few of the SA's were "flipping out' over it. One SA in the Fendi section even said they are worried about the arrival of Hermes because they fear it will cause stiff competition.

    So that is my report. I will definitely be going back for more!
  11. Nathansgirl ~ I Like Your Commentary Much Better Than Mine!!!! :smile:

    Reading Your Observation Was Fabulous!!!!

    I Just Read Prada Psycho's......You Two Had Really Opposite Experiences! WOW!

    Anytime, Anyone Wants To Meet Up Let Me Know (I Feel Bad We Didn't All Meet This Time)....Southpark Is My Second Home ~ LOL! Maybe (Definitely!) When Hermes Gets There!!!!!!
  12. Oooh, when you get a moment, come post you new acquisition in the Chanel Forum for us to enjoy!:yes:

  13. Oh no they didn't. Not to the great wise one! I would have been moving on to the next SA at that point. I did that to a girl in the shoe dept at Nordies yesterday. People need to get a grip. Obviously she didn't know who you were.:lol:

    You have to come back to the DC area Swanky and Nathansgirl! It's all shopping all the time here!:wlae:
  14. <clearing throat> Forgot to give you a review of the mall. Sorry about that.

    The mall is actually rather nice. Of course it has the typical upscale wing with Louis Vuitton, Neiman's, Bob Ellis, St. John, Tiffany, Kate Spade, Coach, Burberry, Ralph Lauren, and BCBG. There are more stores to come...including the infamous Hermes.

    There are a few nice restaurants, including the Cheesecake Factory. Then tehre are other stores that are found in a typical mall, like Belk, and one of those camera stores <Wolf Camera?>.

    Overall if you want some upscale shopping it will help whet your appetite. I honestly can't think of any purses you won't find there...they seem to have them all now.:flowers:

    Swanky, I will post my pics this afternoon. :yahoo: