Neiman Marcus Online Sale - Best Customer

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  1. The deals and steals thread has a link for the Neiman Marcus "best customer" and there are a few Choos on sale - Bone Liquid Patent Mahala, Plum Liquid fold-over clutch, Black Radiant, Black Ring and a couple others. It looks like they are all 30% off.
  2. How do I access it? I want a Black Ring! Stinkerbelle was kind enough to post the webpage for the mahala I wanted! (Bless her!) But I can't seem to pull up any sales on my own. Help please!
  3. Hi Purseinsanity! Just so you know, the Ring that is on sale at both NM and Saks is the all leather version, NOT the biker leather that you've seen photos of here such as Jburgh's, Samantha's and Robyn's (me too, just lazy about taking pics!).

    Saks still has one left but it's in brown. I can't find the NM link anymore...maybe it sold out?
  4. It's the same bag that Stinkerbelle posted but through the Neiman website.