Neiman Marcus Online Price Match?

  1. Hi everyone,
    I was wondering if anybody had an SA that was awesome at their Neiman Marcus so that I can get a Marc Jacobs bag that was marked down online but not in the store.

    From what I gather, it is up to the individual store to choose to honor the prices, but the stores in the Chicago area either don't have the bag or don't want me to have it! :push:

    So, if anyone has a great person that would love to get a commission and would like to sell me a bag, I would greatly appreciate it.

    Thank you!!!!! :yahoo:
  2. I don't get what you mean. Where is the bag discounted at?
  3. So you saw a bag on sale at but you missed it and now you want NM to price match? :confused1: I didn't think they could do that.
  4. If the bag is gone at NM or wherever the bag was on sale, you can't get it price matched. I need more info on this bag. What bag is it? When was it on sale? What did the Chicago store tell you in reference to the bag? Did you go in with a copy of the item STILL on sale wherever you found it?
  5. I saw the bag online but it was sold out. The online ppl said that the store could choose to honor the price of the bag online if they wanted to. She bascially implied that if I found a nice person they would do it for me. I do have a still from Sat, but it does say that the item is out of stock.

    I know I should go to the store, but I just am too lazy too ;) and just wanted the bag shipped to me. The other stores in the area didn't have it. I figured I was just going to obsessively call all the NM's until I find a nice SA that would just do it for me.

    A friend of mine used to work at NM's and she told me that they do price match, again, if they feel like it....
    how frustrating!
  6. It may be possible for one of us to help you, but we need to know what bag it is. Once we know the bag, we can let you know which NM has it.
  7. I asked NM's customer service the same question for this Trish bag that I missed the sale price on:

    Marc Jacobs -  Trish Shoulder Bag -  Neiman Marcus

    They told me that the warehouse for the online division and the warehouse for the stores are completely separate and run different sales. She said I could not get the online price for the Trish in the stores. I wish a friendly SA would honor the price for me but I seriously doubt it. :sad:
  8. ^ It's true that NM and NM online are not the same division; the actual store will not match the online store's price and vice versa. When a customer returns an online order at the physical store, it gets sent back to the online store -- not put back on the floor (like Nordstrom, Macy's).
  9. It was for the trish in chili that they had for 675!!!!! I was told the same thing, that the SA's can accept returns, but a friend of mine that worked there said that it was at their discretion to honor the online price.

    The online store and the regular stores do have different buyers, but they use the same sku(?) numbers and everything. They just have to override the price that it comes up on the computer when they ring it up.

    I've been trying Florida stores and the ones in NY, but some of them don't even carry the bag :sad: . So I am back go square one....
  10. If it's still on sale at NM (meaning it's still in stock online), you can get it price matched from Nordies. However, I don't believe there are anymore Trishes available.
  11. Thanks elongreach! hehe LOVE your imma flirt! I keep teasing my bf that it's his song! I am going to constantly check the NM's website over and over and pray hard for a return.
  12. No Prob! I would definitely keep checking. One may come back up. :yes: