Neiman Marcus on sale?

  1. Hi there,
    I am wondering if NM will have any further discount in Gucci bags? I am interested in Pelham Medium Shoulder bag in Mink, however the discount is not approachable :yucky: comparison with Saks which has 70% off. So, does anyone have ideas when will they reduce price again?

  2. They're presaling now, so you might be able to get an additional 25% off I think... The NM in BH was sold out of all sale Gucci so it looks like the girls are jumping on them quickly... I'd call around and see what's available.
  3. YEP- Always call around and see if they can locate one for you..A good SA will work on it for you!
  4. Yea, if they were to be reduced further - there is a great chance the purse you are looking for won't be around!! Buy it when you see it, that's just my motto!!
  5. Thank ya'all~ I have purchased that bag online, and it is on way to my place:yahoo: . It is the last one online, and NM stores don't carry it. I guess I have really no choice:crybaby: .