Neiman Marcus ON line & Returns HORRIBLE!!

  1. I am venting since I cannot believe how aggravating a simple return has become. I returned about 4 items to Neiman Marcus on line, total amount around 1500.00. These were returned over 2 weeks ago. I send everything UPS, so I know when it was returned. Well they revceived the merchandise back within 2 days and as yet have not credited my account!. I have proof that it was returned yet after an hour of going back and forth with them all they said is that their return dept is first working on returns from the beginning of August. Now how ridiculous is that?! :cursing:Why should I have to pay interest on my cc for items that r returned. Of course now I will get billed for them. They told me it takes 4 weeks to credit a return. I never heard of such a think. Saks, Nordstroms etc credit your account immediatly.
    Sorry this is so long, just cannot believe the horrible customer service from them on line. I am aware the store and the online website are not the same. I guess I will have to either go into the store and purchase or call the store and order directly from them!:nuts:
  2. I've had the same experience with their return label, which you can't even track and make sure they got the package. I live where there is a NM, so I take all my online returns there now, to Customer Service. I used to feel bad about it, but not any more. You get an instant credit, and they do the return shipping and charge you $9.00 or whatever.
  3. I totally sympathize. I've had similar problems with them. It was in store, if you can believe it. I had charged a $5,000 Chanel jacket, returned it to the same store and it took 32 days to show up on my account. :wtf:
  4. That is a good alternative, to return to the store. I live about 30 min away, so it is not to bad. Thanks for the advice :smile:.
  5. Yeah, definitely return to a store. I have similar problems with BergdorfGoodman online (same company as NM), unfortunately, I have to mail returns since I don't live in NYC.
  6. I had exact same experience. and i do think NM online return service is horrible. i prefer Saks! but sometimes NM online has better merchandise selection compare to saks . :cursing:
  7. I called customer service this week because I received a Bergdorf item by mail and am also not in NYC to return to a BG store. They said I can return it to a Neiman Marcus you do not have to mail back returns.
  8. I agree - best to return your online purchases to a store if you can. I do not leave near a NM and tend not to buy online from them for that reason. I return my Nordy stuff directly to the store. Saks really has great mail return service - I never have a problem with them.
  9. NM is incrediablly SLOW when returning items. I am so frustrated with them. They recently just sent me sale shoes that were already worn! I was so irked. Because 1. they were used and 2. now I can't get them anymore.
  10. Mine took around 6 weeks awhile ago. They seem to take awhile.

    Even their instore recently took 7 days on a debit card even though other stores have been almost instantaneous.
  11. How about Bloomingdale's return service? I just mailed some clothes to their return center, since there is no local store here. Hope it's not as bad as NM.
  12. THANKS, I didn't know you could do that!

  13. Once I returned something to NM online, and I don't think it took that long to get the refund--less than 2 weeks. I'm not defending NM, but so far I've never had a bad experience with them.
  14. I had made the mistake of returning some things to their returns department and learned the hard way that 4 weeks later there were still no credits on my card. Then, the CC bill showed up and it was SCARY!!! LOL

    So, I had a few more returns to make from online purchases, so I wised up this time. The nearest NM to my parent's house is over a 2 hour drive, so I called customer service and let them know ahead of time that I was shipping my returns to them (Troy, MI Somerset Collection NM) and the girl was so nice, took my name and number and I put her name as the ATTN to on the box. So, I shipped the returns to them w/ COPIES of my receipts on Tuesday, and THEY ALREADY CREDITED MY ACCOUNT TODAY.

    I will NEVER EVER again return anything to the returns department. From now on, I will be sending in my returns to the Troy location if I can't get to the store myself. So, I would suggest you do the same if you can't make it. Also, shipping 3 pairs of shoes and 3 handbags cost $8.80 to ship USPS Priority and then I put insurance on them b/c the box contained $3000 worth of SALE merchandise. LOL But, it was still so much cheaper and quicker than those damn return labels, not to mention the weeks of "processing" time.
  15. Another problem with NM Online - sometimes their prices are higher than the stores!

    I saw an Oscar de la Renta skirt that was on sale at the Neiman's here but they didn't have my size - when I found it online I bought it only to find that the sale price online was a great deal more than the price in the store. When I called to ask about it they said that the online department was run by a "different company" so they could not match the price. I took it to return it to the NM store at Tysons and the customer service rep was appalled when I told her the story. She actually called the online customer service and argued for me to get the reduced price! But they absolutely refused and I returned the skirt - I will NEVER deal with NM online and you should all beware of their prices vs. the stores!!!:tdown::tdown::tdown: