Neiman Marcus - Numerous Handbags Back On Last Call(Repeats)

  1. Thank you so much for posting. I bought the Gryson Zoe in black. I actually ordered the chocolate last week and received it last night, however the rivits are missing on one side of the bag (those Gryson bags and their rivits). I love the bag and was disappointed but now I'm happy to get a new one and hopefully it will be okay
  2. tnx for the link!
  3. omg...I love that black Oscar de la Renta!

  4. You know...when you order a handbag online, you expect it to be perfect in every way. What a bummer when you receive it and discover it's not! On numerous occasions I've had this happen to me and find it quite upsetting. Keeping my fingers crossed that your next bag will be as it should be....PERFECT!! I just ordered the Sissi Rossi slouch bag from Shopbop...I'm really nervous now.
  5. Thanks!
  6. Last call cost the same as before last cost (2nd cut??)
  7. I just got the Gryson Seamed Satchel in Black for 289!! It will be my first Gryson. I hope I love it!
  8. Sorry, I was under some weird assumption the bags were in 2nd cut last time.
    My brain wasn't functioning.
  9. this sale sux. tired of seeing same old stuff.
  10. They had more stuff same time last year!
  11. :yes:
    I agree, you expect to get bags that are not damaged. I hope your bag is in perfect condition when it arrives.:nogood: