Neiman Marcus - Now shipping to Canada!

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  1. Just got the email that they new ship to Canada. Hooray for all my Canadian shoppers! :smile:

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  2. Has anyone used this? I want to order, but there seems to be insane tax & duty charged.

    The tax is also charged on top of the duty rather than the item only.

    The duty is charged on items made in USA. I thought NAFTA says that items made in USA are duty free?
  3. You are correct, there shouldn't be duty charged on items made in the USA. You should contact their CS about this maybe?

    I've never used this service but just make sure you know exactly what you are paying for before purchasing!
  4. :O thats great!
  5. I've spoken to a CBSA agent before and questioned the cdn taxes on top of duties part, I was told unfortunately thats how they charge on imported items. CBSA's position is customs duties is part of your total importing cost. But you definitily should contact NM's CS regarding duty free products, altho i suspect the materials used were probably from elsewhere.

  6. Okay, as long as CBSA verified that is how it is done, I have no problems with it tax on the duty.

    However, regarding duty free items, I asked NM's CS about it, they said that "items are only duty free if they are in a duty free shop". I tried to find reference in the CBSA site about the NAFTA originated items. However I was unable to find a simple paragraph that says Made in USA items are duty free. Most reference to NAFTA and duty are multi-page pdf that have lots of glossary-like definitions.
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    Hehe, I think NM's CSR doesn't know what she/he was talking about :P

    Find your reference here, under heading "paying duties" and sub-heading "How goods qualify under NAFTA"

    However, the sender must enclose a "certificate of Origin" form with the goods at the time it crosses the border to qualify Duty-Free status.

    As i mentioned earlier, if the materials or components used were not made or come from the States or Mexico, you can't use NAFTA certificate.
    The Certificate very first criteria states: quote-- "A. The good is "wholly obtained or produced entirely" in the territory of one or more NAFTA countries, as referred to in article 415. Note: the purchase of a good in a territory does not necessarily render it "wholly obtained or produced".
    Please see criteria A on page 2

    Hope this help!
  8. I'm not sure about Neiman's NOW shipping to Canada. I've been using them for the last year or more and it's not a new thing.
  9. ^ yea, I've been ordering from NM since 2000 or 2001, but i always had to call-in my orders. I used to talk to their CSRs in TX, later on to their cdn CSRs when they open up a call centre in Edmonton, it was quite funny....I think the new ad is that now you can place online orders without calling them. Their online order form did not have features for Cdn address & postal Code.
  10. Yeah but now they pre-charge customs, taxes and shipping. Thats customs even on items which are made in the USA. Before we'd pay all this as items went through the border/CBSA.
  11. True, thats why I don't use their "ship to Canada" service :P I have my orders send to my US address.