Neiman Marcus & Nordstorm in Hawaii stock Balenciaga?

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  1. Hi Everyone,

    I am leaving for Hawaii tonight and desperate to track down a Giant City, Part-Time or Work in a vibrant color.

    I am not sure Aloha Rag has any in stock at the moment and wanted to see whether Neiman Marcus and/or Nordstorms in Hawaii stock Balenciaga?

    Thanks in advance,

  2. I think there a Neiman Marcus in the Ala Moana shopping center?
  3. Pippi - you must go to NM - I was there in Jan and got my city there... they have a giant section for BBAGS only!! A pretty large collection. more than BALNY has. and plenty of stock in the back :smile: the salesgirl i think her name was kiki or something like that (25-28ish, long hair, tiny - i can't remember her name for the life of me) was SOO helpful and patient with me.. it was my first BBAG and i was probably annoying her with my neverending questions and indecision about which color to get. lol. she knew her stuff, and made awesome reccomendations - never pushy, so sweet!! see if someone who resemebles my description is there. well i hope she still works there, its been almost a year since i've been.. but anyways. I dont think Nordstrom has bbags. Hope you get this before you leave!
  4. Neiman Marcus in Ala Moana is your best bet. :yes: nord still isn't carrying bal (to my knowledge), though it does have a great stock of other designer bags. Have fun...hope you return with a great b-bag! :biggrin:
  5. Nordstrom does carry Bal, just not at their online store.
  6. Nordstrom has Bal at Seattle, Mall of America, Arden Fair and Portland Stores. Phone numbers on their web site.
  7. Ita!

  8. I was just at Nordstrom in Ala Moana last week- sadly, no Bal there, but yes, TONS at NM!