Neiman Marcus: NO Twiggys Ordered

  1. I am sooooo bummed.....spoke with Lisa Hamlin about the violet twiggy and she none of the Neiman Marcus stores ordered any twiggys for the fall :tdown:

    I am so bummed. I must find this bag! Why did I procrastinate and not buy from AR? UGH!
  2. AR should get more soon that is what I have been told
  3. ^^^^thanks!!!! Hopefully I can get one there or BalNY will come through for me!

    I'm going to start trying Barneys stores tomorrow!
  4. I don't know if you remember but a week or so back there was a post on the main forum from someone who asked if the twiggy was being discontinued because she was told so by an uninformed NM SA.

    Good luck with AR and BalNY!
  5. My SA at Aloha Rag said if anyone's still looking for a Violet Twiggy, they might be getting their next shipment mid-week next week.

    Good luck!
  6. Good luck with Barneys. I hope you find your twiggy. It is so stressful when you can't find what you have your heart set on. Though sometimes for me, I think half of the fun is the chase. I hope you find you bbag soon!!!!
  7. What a bummer! :sad: Thanks for the info......I have a NM near me and was going to go there in a couple weeks so you saved me some gas $$!
  8. Some stores may be phasing it out in favor of newer styles, but it will still exist for spring '08, at least according to what I've heard from a couple of buyers who have placed orders for pre-collection bags.
  9. Awww I would be so bummed if it was discontinued...I really like the style!
  10. Thanks!!!! I won't hesitate this time LOL
  11. have you tried E**Y?
  12. I don't think they're discontinuing the twiggy at all. I think NM has stopped carrying them, which in turn led their SAs to tell some people that they're being discontinued.
  13. Is it that they just didn't order the violet twiggys or twiggys in general? The last time I was at NM at Fashion Island I thought I saw twiggys in A/W '07 colors. I could be mistaken, though...
  14. ^^^^Lisa claims that Neiman's did not order ANY twiggys at all this year :sad:
  15. There was also a rumor that NM wan't going to carry firsts this season, but I can't believe they wouldn't carry such a popular style. I can't speak first hand since the Neimans in Beverly Hills doesn't carry Balenciaga at all:cursing:.