Neiman Marcus NM Catalog Quick Order?

  1. I found out that you can order Chanel items featured in NM catalogs if you use the Neiman Marcus Catalog Quick Order form on their website:

    Is that also true for Balenciaga items? Has anyone ever tried it? Just wondering if the Vert Gazon day they featured in Fall of '06 could have been ordered that way!!! Have we been missing out?!?! :wtf:


    The Chanel Shopping subforum even has a thread dedicated to posting quickorder codes...of course, I know that Balenciaga isn't featured in their catalogs near as often as Chanel.
  2. fiat, they had the vg ggh at the nm newport a few weeks ago but it was so used. it must have been a return.
  3. What a concept!! We should keep our eyes out for the next one and give it a try.
  4. Thanks...I actually already have one; I was just more curious about the quickorder thing for future reference.

    I can't imagine *why* they take returns that look used!!!??!?
  5. I can't imagine *why* they take returns that look used!!!??!?

    Great question; and at regular price? Anyways, I too am interest in the quick order. I personally haven't seen the Balenciaga bags in the cataloge.