Neiman Marcus Nightmare!

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  1. Hello Ladies,

    End of Jan, I got a pair of wonderful Frye boots shipped to me. Unfortunately, they were too big!
    I ended up returning them Feb. 1st, and I checked two days ago to see if they were returned.
    They are missing!

    The smart label has not been activated, so all I could do was file a claim with the little info that I do have since the tracking number has not been activated.
    Neiman is telling me that I am responsible for the shoes, so if they got lost in the mail, its on me, and that they wont refund me.

    I dont know what else to do, I filed a claim, I keep checking to see if they magically found the boots, but do you ladies have any other advice?
  2. How were they mailed? That's who I'd be following up with.
  3. the USPS guy said that he took it to the mail center, other then that.. nada
  4. USPS ok, I'd file a claim with them. IMO NM isn't responsible for it getting from your home to them. It's USPS's responsibility.
  5. Sorry OP! :sad: I think it's best practice to drop it off (next time) at the PO yourself and get a receipt. There's a number on it you can track once it gets into the system.

    Here's the website for smart labels I found.

    Not a fan of the Smart Label with NM as the liability seems to fall on the customer. Hope they find your package. Good luck!
  6. You need to ollow up with your USPS delivery man

    Was there any reason why you did not use the free pick up service that
    Neiman's offers?
  7. I just returned and item to Nm through USPS and it took 9 days for it to get picked up from post office. I always have them scan the return label and get a receipt. When I asked why it took 9 days to get picked up from post office, they said the po uses a 3rd party to pick it up. Don't know what that means but its going to take at least 3 weeks from the time I dropped off til returned.
  8. OP, sorry to hear this. I remember using Smart Labels and delivery being slow. Also, when the package was delivered, it took the dept store forever to process the return. Hopefully, it will turn up.
  9. After all these weeks, they said it was scanned!
    Woo hoo!

    Now lets hope i get the full refund...

    Thank you all!
  10. ^Yay! but wow, cant' believe it took that long...yikes...good to know. Next time I'll just return in-store.
  11. Great news... let's hope they process your refund pronto!
  12. Definitely file a claim with USPS. In many cases these guys start doing something only when you "motivate" them this way...
  13. Yay! Glad you're on your way to getting your refund. No worries with NM. I've never had any problems with their Smart Label. It takes at least 3 weeks for things to sort out. Next time, you use the tracking number & check the status on the newgistics website once it shows on the USPS website that it's been picked up by the shipping agent.
  14. I had a similar problem a year or so ago and the returned item was a $900 St. John jacket!

    i was hyper-ventilating because there was no proof the UPS person had picked it up from my house. It took about 2 months but eventually they "found" it. I will not use their Smart Label system again.
  15. which express you use?