Neiman Marcus Newport Beach question...

  1. Hey any of you So-Cal girls know what Bbag stock our lovely NM in Fashion Island currently has? I haven't been up in a while so just curious if anyone has seen any 07s there...

  2. I didn't think NM in Newport Beach carried Balenciagas...? The only NM in So Cal that carries them is NM San Diego... Or did Fashion Island one started to carry them?
  3. You're right NM Fashion Island does not carry Balenciaga. Although, they sometimes have random transfers or returns.:yes:
  4. Ah a matter of fact, those that I've seen there have been returns...sorry, totally forgot until now...oh well...THE SHOULD THO!! :yes:
  5. ^^^No kidding! I think it's silly they don't carry them with all of the money in Newport or Orange County as a whole.
  6. I never see B-bags at the NM in Fashion Island.
  7. Nope, no Bbags at NM Newport. I have asked many times and they said they will never carry them. The bags I have bought at other Nm and returned there, the SA's bought them before I could even walk away!
  8. I can just imagine those SAs tearing each other apart over a B-bag. :p
  9. I KNOW!!!

    Trust me I know...I've lived in OC my whole life but usually go to LA for my more exclusive fashion/accessory items...In a county where girls get boob jobs for high school graduation, you can imagine the "status' crap that goes around...I HATE seing someone else around here wearing the same thing as me!!
  10. sorry for digging up an old thread..but they do have a balenciaga shop in NM..i was there about a month ago! it's really small though.
  11. rensky is right. they definitely carry bbags. when i was there like 5-6 months ago, they were just starting to and the sa were still getting acquainted with the styles and colors. i don't know what it's like these days...
  12. Yes, I heard NM in Fashion Island carries Balenciaga now. I have yet to go there since that announcement. Finally in OC!!!
  13. I was there two weeks ago. I saw some black with GGH, GSH, RH. forgot the style. and a Blue Glacier Weekender GGH, red(not sure what red color) work GSH, Ocean part-time GSH,......violet work GSH......that's all I can remember now.