Neiman Marcus Newport Beach Inventory

  1. Most notably if anyone wants anything in Black they have most styles in GSH and RH. Vert Thyme in RH, Magenta City in GSH, Traveler in Black and White. Coin purses they had Magenta with GSH, Bubblegum with GGH, and Sky Bleu with GGH. Overall a pretty good selection, hope that helps!
  2. Thanks for sharing.
  3. thanks for the update! I love when people share store inventories- who knows if your perfect bag might be waiting!!
  4. I'm debating if I 'need' the Giant Traveler.
  5. Still no EB yet? I really want to see EB. I heard they had some, but by the time I went to NM they sold all of the EB's.
  6. Oooooooooh, I need a new black bag! Thanks!

  7. Yes, you do :p
  8. Kirsten your best bet for EB is Barney's BH.
  9. I just got an '07 Black City 2 weeks ago and absolutely love it and use it as my everyday bag. I'm torn between saving for the Grey City (this Fall) or buying another Black before the price increase takes effect. Argggghh!!:cursing:
  10. What about Black with GSH?
  11. I'm more an RH kind of gal.:yes:
  12. me too Louis Gal :yes:
  13. I was at the store today:

    First: bubble gum pink/ magenta/ black/ vert thyme/ dark brown/ dark green/ white
    City: black/ bg pink/ magenta/ dark red/ dark brown/ vert thyme/ sahara
    Lots of items with GSH and GGH

    Wallet: magenta/ electric blue/ white

    I did see EB. I forgot what style. I was looking for a first, so I didn't pay attention to any other styles.
  14. Hi all. I wanted to give everyone a heads up on what they have in stock since yesterday at 4pm. If you bought something at the NM event then you can still return it for something you really want with the discount intact. :yes:

    Coral City GGH
    Bubble Gum City GGH
    Bubble Gum Courier
    Bubble Gum City RH
    Bubble Gum Work RH
    Bubble Gum Flat Messenger
    Bubble Gum Courier
    Buton D'or City GSH
    White Day RH
    White Brief SGH
    White Brief GGH
    White Envelope Clutch SGH
    White First
    White Hobo (new one w/two handles) SGH
    Sky Blue Work RH
    Sky Blue Brief GGH
    Sky Blue City RH
    Sky Blue Messanger RH
    Sky Blue Hobo (new one w/two handles) GGH
    Pale Magenta City GGH
    Pale Magenta Clutch/wristlet SGH
    Vert Foret First
    Vert Foret Day RH
    Black Day RH
    Black Shoulder
    Black Brief RH
    Black Flat Messanger
    Truffle Brief GGH
    Truffle Work GGH
    Truffle First
    Mogano Work GGH
    Jaune Hobo GGH
    Turqoise PT GGH
    Plomb Hobo GGH
    Plomb Work GGH

    Coin Purses: Bubble Gum GGH, Sky Blue GGH, Black SGH
    Wallets: White Long Flap RH and SGH, Black RH, and Coral RH

  15. Wow what a great selection! I'm still waiting to find that RH Turq Day though!