Neiman Marcus more price cuts!

  1. Check it out girls!
    More price cuts!:yahoo:
  2. the gucci medium hobe that was around 800, now is around 500.
  3. I know!! I had to talk myself out of the MJ Mia bag... All the sale MJ bags are 1/2 off!
  4. gosh, they r killing me... hehe
  5. For additional discounts:
    (1) Free shipping. Use code: SUMMER
    (2) Access through ******.com. You'll get an additional 3% cash back.

    Have fun shopping!!
  6. YAY! I finally got the Kooba I've been eyeballing. This is an AMAZING sale.
  7. I must not...look.....argh
  8. Hahaha, oh come on, you know you want too!!
  9. Ok..I looked..LOL
  10. But ... did ya buy???? :P
  11. cool...
  12. Haha, I looked but my credit cards are still tucked away...sleeping...for now!
  13. Cute!
  14. Just ordered some items & SA told me SUMMER expired but there is another code for free shipping but they did not tell me what it was