Neiman Marcus Midday

  1. I called tonight and ordered a rh Black Cherry city. I asked if they had ordered the midday. My SA said they have it coming in Black, Charbon, Rubisse, and Marine. She didn't know when they will be getting it for sure, but at least we know what colors it will be available in!
    I can't wait to see it!!!!!!
  2. OOOOOHHHH, thank you for the info! I am looking forward to knowing if it fits on the shoulder well.

  3. You're welcome! I am looking forward to knowing that too!!!!
  4. Dag-nabb-it ... the Neiman's here in the Boston area don't carry Balenciaga because it's carried at Barneys NY. When I talked to the S/A's at Barneys, they told me that they were getting 1 or 2 of these bags ... and in BORING colors (natch). Uggh ... :tdown:
  5. What colors is Barneys getting the Midday in. I tend to go for the more boring colors!!!! Thanks CeeJay!
  6. Obviously, it depends on the store (NY and LA are getting the *brighter* colors). I know that the Boston area will be getting the bag in the Black/Brown colors and 1 in the Marine color.

    I'm going to be in LA in September; I'm hoping to find the Rubisse Midday there ... wish me luck!
  7. Thanks CeeJay! Have fun going to LA is Sept. you lucky girl and good luck getting your ruby Midday!!!!
  8. what style is the midday - are pics available on the bal website? thanks :smile:
  9. Hayley, this is a pic of Mid Day in Ruby GSH :yes:

    *you perhaps might want to use the search function too* to find more info :yes:
    Ruby Mid Day SGH.jpg