Neiman Marcus' Luncheon!!!

  1. I just got invited to it!! :yahoo:

    So I was wondering if anyone else here has been invited to it and your opinions!! Thanks!! hehe

    My SA told me that the lunch was usually nice and it came with a free gift?
  2. I never heard of this. What is it?
  3. It is a special exclusive event that your NM SA will invite you too. They can only invite 4 people at the most.

    My SA said it was a nice gathering, with really nice lunch, and a free gift. I was hoping that anyone else could tell me more about it.
  4. Hmmm, not me!!!

    Kathy! Is Shannon holding out on us? You didn't get one did you?

    I wonder if these are nationwide things, or if they're regional. . . or if they're around the same time{?}
  5. Wow!!! I'm so excited for you. Congrats!!!!
  6. Aww thanks! I was hoping that someone here has gone to them and could tell me more about them!
  7. Wow, congrats, do you spend lots of money at NM :graucho: , is that what qualified you, just curious.
  8. I have no idea what qualifies you.... :huh:
    I don't particularly spend a lot, well.... it depends who you ask. But I spend a reasonable amount of money there.

    I bet there must be someone here who has gone to these!!
  9. ooh sounds lovely! you'll have to fill us in!
  10. hmm, haven't been to one but it does sound like fun.

    i wonder what the free gift would be ? ;) :P
  11. Ok, will do!! ;)

    sorry for the caps i'm too lazy to retype my message
  13. :smile: Have fun!
  14. Thanks!! I will definitely post about it! ;)
  15. i feel excited for you! have fun and tell us about it!