Neiman Marcus lots Beauty offers ~ GWP ~

  1. thanks!
  2. thanks! the bobbi brown GWP is tempting!
  3. Agreed! I got Bobbi and Kiehls earlier today! :tup:
  4. Does anyone know if this applies in store as well?

  5. Not sure if they have those offers in the store.
    Neiman Marcus online offers Free Shipping with any purchase. Using code: WINTER
    Why go to store???;)

  6. Now might be a good time to use my NM gift card for some Chanel Makeup - I can't decide if I want jeans or Make-up :p
  7. Thanks!
  8. the nm gwp online are never in stores unless it is the beauty event.
  9. btw it is also double pts at nm right now (+1000 pts just for spending any money)
  10. I was wondering if anyone knows how often does NM have this kind event? Once a month?
    I love their beauty offers but it seems they won't email you about this.
    I found it accidentally when surfing MN.
  11. Luckily nothing really tempts me right now.