Neiman Marcus lost my shoes

  1. Hi all,

    Just a warning that this is mostly a rant to make myself feel better.

    I brought in a pair of shoes to Neiman Marcus to send to Manolo Blahnik for repair in mid-September. This wasn't the first time I've sent in this particular pair (that's another story all together), and it usually takes 6-8 weeks to get back to me.

    After 11 weeks, I called in and asked them what was up. They told me that they hadn't received it back yet, but not to worry. I told them I just wanted to make sure that they weren't lost. The rep told me at that time, "Don't worry. We never lose shoes."

    Fast forward another 6 weeks (yes, it's been over 4 months since I originally brought them in). I call them again. They call me back to tell me that they got them back in early November, but don't know what happened to them.

    Neiman Marcus lost my shoes! I know that I shouldn't be so incredulous, but I have really high expectations of a store like that. That's why I am willing to pay their prices.

    The rep told me that they were willing to give me some credit toward a new pair of shoes. I told them that the credit better be the full value since this isn't any fault of mine. He said he wasn't sure about a full credit(!). I told him to ask again and get back to me.

    Unfortunately, they don't make those shoes anymore. PITA they were, they sure were beautiful. Wish I had photos. RIP.

  2. That sucks. What is up with NM lately? Everyone seems to be having problems...
  3. :wtf: I can't believe they lost your shoes, and now only want to give a fraction for a new pair. :tdown: I would be furious and insist that they fund a replacement pair. That is totally unacceptable, and they are crazy to think that it is alright for you to (a) not have your shoes and (b) not even be able to buy a new pair to replace those without paying out of pocket. They lost them, so they need to fund some new ones.
  4. ITA with what dknigh21 said! I would demand they replace the shoes.
  5. I have been in my NM store here in Atlanta frequently lately, and one of the SA's there told me that they were under new ownership. ????? Could this be the possible reason why different ones are having trouble with NM????
  6. i cant believe that!! not only should they replace the shoes, but they should compensate you for the loss of time/inconvenience!!!! unbelievable..
  7. I think you should get a full refund for your shoes (basically another pair of equal value of your choice)! Go up the management chain if you have to as they were responsible for your shoes!! That really sucks this happened!:sad:
  8. I talked to the department manager later today. He implied that he'd be willing to work with me, so I'm appreciative of that. I agree that that would be the very least they could do for me. I told them to take until next week to see if they can find it. He didn't seem very hopeful, however.

    I haven't gotten angry since I work in service too and I understand how it doesn't solve anything. I spend a lot of money there, so I'm hoping they realize that my value as a lifetime customer is much more than the cost of one pair of shoes. And yes, they should go above and beyond even that, but I'll take that as a compromise.

    Truly, I am really bummed at their loss. I'll keep you guys posted once I get a final resolution one way or another. Neiman Marcus has always been good to me in the past. Let's hope that doesn't change.
  9. That's pretty bad! You should get more than a partial credit!
  10. Wow, you have such self control!

    I think initially I would be calm but angry, but upon hearing only a fraction refund I would go off. (In a very calm collected sort of way) And there would be no doubt in my mind that I would be walking away with at least a pair, if not two pairs of shoes that same day...either that or security would be escorting me out!!!:p
  11. Bug them until you get full credit, at the very least! That is ridiculous they lost your property.:wtf: And a pair of shoes no less... NM should know how important that is to a woman! :lol:
  12. stick to your guns, they owe you a new pair of shoes!
  13. :tdown::confused1: oh my god!!! good luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. Horrific, I mean, they lose your shoes and then won't give you the whole value ?! Not to say that this isn't even the first time you've had to bring them in. That's terrible ! I really hope that you're able to find something else.. or at least be able to take your business somewhere else !
  15. Ha! *snort* Depreciation? They didn't sell you a car. If anything, I'd like to think the shoes I buy are little beautiful pieces of real estate :smile: Good luck!!!!!