Neiman Marcus LIED to me!

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  1. I understand where you're coming from. It's the principle of the thing, not about a lousy candle. They advertise a "bonus" and then find rules that only they know about and apparently the SA doesn't even know about. It really is bad customer service to treat you this way and possibly lose your business when they should just ship the candle. I've had situations like this where I vow I will not let them get away with whatever unfair thing a business is doing to me. Many times I think they count on people just giving up.
  2. Thanks for the support, ladies! I don't care if they give me the candle...I have a bizillion candles...I would settle for "yeah, we made a mistake and we will fix the ad so it reflects online purchases."
  3. I have just ordered fromEngland with NM paid by Mastercard they was OK and took that.

    Quite understand about the candle "thing" it is the principle of the thing
  4. I received the following e-mail from Neiman Marcus' "ecare" customer service after reporting the phone conversation to them:

    Thank you for contacting Neiman Marcus Online.

    We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience
    or disappointment that may have resulted
    regarding your recent shopping experience
    with Neiman Marcus.

    We have order the Butterflies candle to be
    shipped to you. The estimated delivery date
    is 12/08/06.

    Again, thank you for allowing us to address
    your concerns. If we can be of further assistance,
    please do not hesitate to contact us by email or
    you may call toll-free at 1-888-888-4757. We
    hope to have an opportunity to serve you better
    in the future.

    Jim Martin

    So why was the phone transaction not more like this? At least it is some vindication. Apparently I should do everything online and never call them again.
  5. Nice work!!

    Good for NMs- god knows I give them enough of my hard earned cash that they can send you one lousy candle! LOL
  6. SCARE THEM! In contract law, it is a breach of contract if the party who makes the unilateral offer (NM), and does not fulfill the contract. The party who has accepted the unilateral offer (you) has accepted the offer by performance (you purchasing the balenciaga). Hence, NM will have to give you the candle as they've breached the contract. You can search the net about this famous law case: Carlill v Carbolic Smoke Ball Co.
  7. Did you know that you earn "bonus" InCircle points on the first day of your NM card purchase? I'm 99% sure that they still run this program, but it's ONLY for in-store purchases--that's probably why you missed out on the candle.

    I think the minimum "requirement" is to spend $1k to qualify for a $50 gc or something to that effect... If you call the store, they should be able to give you more details.
  8. Ha! I remember that case from law school. But I also know how much it REALLY costs to file a lawsuit. :yes:

    I did get the InCircle points, but unless you spend about a million dollars they really don't give you much. I think when you hit $5K you get free shipping or a discount on lunch. Well, I can get free shipping codes here, and since there is no NM in my state, the lunch won't do me much good.
  9. Sorry, I guess i don't understand what the big fuss is about the candle. You have your bag, the only one you could possibly get. Who cares about the candle??? Now if they'd have sent the candle and lost the bag...then you have the basis of a good ***** session...other than as your looking sweet in your BI.!!!!
  10. Neimans should of bent over backwards to get you that candle once you reported not getting it! And I'm glad it has all worked out! The customer prevails!!!!!
  11. Ladies,

    It's the principle that counts. I don't care if they offered me a candle or a pack of gum. If I'm told that's the gift I receive with my purchase or opening of a credit card, I expect them to follow-up on it. That shows that the comany and its employees are professional, and they take every minor detail seriously. And that is exactly what I would expect from NM.
  12. Oh to add to the NM rant...

    I placed a very large order with them last week - VERY LARGE. I haven't even received the package yet, and I discovered that Barneys is selling one of the items for $200 less than what I'd paid for. I requested a price match, and they refused!

    I told them that all of their competitors are selling this bag; all are offering discounts and free shipping. By refusing the price match, they are forcing me to return the bag right back to them and purchasing it from Barneys. They said that's fine because they figure there are many other suckers out there who will purchase the bag from them at a higher price.

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