Neiman Marcus LIED to me!

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  1. I am really irritated right now. As some of you may know, if you order from a Neiman Marcus store via telephone, they will not accept Visa or MasterCard...only AmEx or a Neiman Marcus card. So they will tell you that you can go online and apply for the Neiman Marcus card. Well, the NM in San Diego had a Blue India Balenciaga that I have been searching for, so I went online and went through the application process. The site said that I would receive a gift with my first purchase...a NM candle. So I called and ordered the bag and at that time asked about the candle...did I need a code? How did I get the candle GWP, etc? The SA called me back and said she spoke to NM customer service and they would send the candle separately. Although it was not an online order, they would still send it. And my item was not available online anyway. She said to call back if I did not receive the candle.

    SO a month goes by and I have the bag but never received the candle. I wrote to customer service (because the store was closed at the time) and they cannot find any purchase, even with my number. They wrote back asking me to call customer service with my CC account number. So I do that today. Still nothing. I explain the situation to customer service THREE TIMES, and the whole process takes over half an hour. I gave her the link to the page that offers the free candle, which specifically says "with your first purchase"...I give her my CC number, my SA's name and information, the transaction number, and the information off of the receipt. And she tells me that since the purchase was not made online they will not send the candle. Even though my SA called customer service, and even though it does not say anything about purchasing online. Then I ask if I can still get the candle if I make an online purchase, and she tells me I will need a code. Well, the online offer does not show a code, so I ask the customer service rep for the code. She says they cannot tell me what the code is. So I thanked her for her time and told her that I did not believe their offer was very honest since I did the online application, got the credit card, made a first purchase (for $1200, no less!), AND my SA confirmed with customer service that they would send the candle...and they won't give me a code to use with my online purchase, either (and my husband has made an online purchase since my $1200 purchase, too...but since he didn't use the CODE, no candle). She said she would make a note on my account that to that effect.

    I am outraged that I have spent quite a lot of money with NM over the years, they force me to open an account with them to purchase from their store, and now they waste over half an hour of my time over a candle that THEY offered and that might cost them $10. So I wanted to share this with my fellow PFers so that you are not duped by this offer.

    Sorry that this is so lengthy, but I needed to vent! Thanks!
  2. I forgot to attach their "offer" is the page that you see when you go the site to apply for a NM credit card. Note that it says nothing about a code or an online purchase...just that you get an exclusive candle with first purchase.

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  3. I have my own gripes about NM and I hate to sound snippy, but this seems like a lot of wasted time, frustration and energy over a candle..... :shrugs:
  4. If I understand you right, its probably not REALLY about the candle but about the principal!! Sometimes stores, SAs try to get you to apply for their card, as well as a lot of false promises and its a shame!! Sorry you had to go through this but its not worth it, its just a candle and its not worth the frustration!! Sometimes you just have to let these things go and remember that there are better things in life to worry about !! Feel better and forget about it!! NOT WORTH IT!!
  5. I agree, it's not about the candle (although a free gift would've been nice) but they convinced you to do something, and led you through the steps the whole time leading you to believe one thing when something entirely the opposite is true!

    It's just a candle, don't stress yourself out over it.

    (Just cancel your Neiman's card and shop at Saks from now on instead!)
  6. Tell them it's false advertising! You don't want to be one of 'those people' that scour the ads hoping to reap the benefits of mistakes the stores made, but the candle incident was clearly the fault of the store!
  7. NM in Las vegas takes VISA..LOL...LOVE THAT!
  8. I agree with everyone. It IS a lot of wasted time over a candle, but I was just calling because they said to call if I didn't get it in a couple of weeks. I didn't think it would be a huge fiasco. Then when the customer service woman was an idiot (I seriously had to re-explain the entire situation three times to her, and I still think she didn't get it) it went downhill from there. Perhaps if she had just let me speak to someone in a position to DO something I might not have spent thirty minutes on hold. So now it's the principle...they offered this thing, they forced me to get a card (because this bag has been impossible to find and they had ONE), and now they are reneging on their offer. It IS false advertising, and I told the CS rep that...she said she would make a note on my account. Yeah, that helps me. Oh well. The card will be paid off now that my statement has arrived, and I will move on.
  9. I would've just told the dumb operator she can take the candle that she refuses to give to me and shove it somewhere where the sun don't shine :yes: :wlae:
  10. You have EVERY right to be pissed. THey offered you something and they did not follow through. And it seems they CAN get anway with empty promises because alot of people do not fight them- I am glad you did. Sure it is a candle but that is NOT the point, if it was a darn nail file I would still be trying to make them give it up! AS a corporation they SHOULD want to keep you HAPPY but this situation proves they are greedy and you should call the corporate office and complain. It is a VALID compaint!
  11. haha i totally agree! its very irresponsible and unreliable of them!.. I hate bad customer service! absolutely horrible..
  12. Hell hath no fury like a woman without a candle! Actually that would be more funny if I HAD a candle, because then I could say "Hell hath no fury like a woman scorched"...but I digress. Anyway, I did not call corporate (yet) but I DID respond to their e-mail with the whole story and how lousy their customer service was and that I think it is pretty sad that they refuse regular payment methods, thus forcing us to get their card (so they can charge a 21% APR and reap more profits, no doubt) to pay for their items, and then refusing to make good on their incentives. Maybe if I get enough "notes on my account" they will ban me from shopping!
  13. :yes: I don't want to snippy either, but I laughed reading this post. I mean, I guess I kind of understand where you're coming from, but still it's only a candle. :sad:
  14. honestly if you can afford to spend the money on a candle, why are you upset... i'd be happy i got my bag and say screw the candle, someone who needed it more than me obviously received it
  15. LOL, I feel your pain girl!!!

    I absolutely loathe bad customer service. :mad::censor::rant:

    If it were me I would be writing letters to every alias at NM until I got an acceptable respone, "Dear Ms Blank, We are very sorry to hear about your experience with NM and we have enclosed TWO candles as a token of our goodwill".

    Studies show that for every for every ONE person that complains, at least a DOZEN others have the SAME complaint but didn't take the time to tell anyone. :supacool:

    I'm here to make up for the missing 11 people! LOL!!! :roflmfao:

    You go get your candle!!!
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