Neiman Marcus LC Charge-Send: new policy?

  1. Apparently, NMLCs won't do charge-sends unless you have a Neiman's CC now. I tried to do a charge-send today and was excited about the purchase until the SA called me back and said she couldn't do it. "New store policy." Has anyone else run into this problem? I didn't want to open a CC with them, so I said, "thanks, but no thanks." :tdown:
  2. I take it NMLC is not the Neiman's Website? Not sure what charge-send is; unless you mean calling and ordering from a particular store?
  3. That is somewhat of the same problem that I had a couple of weeks ago. NMLC let me charge the handbag then I received a call saying but because I'm out of town on an extended vacation they would not send it to the out of town address unless I had a NM CC. Huh? But they will send it to my old address by USPS instead of Fedex and have it forwarded thru the postal system. So, fast forward and still no $415.00 handbag has arrived. I'm calling tomorrow to see if they have any idea of where it is or when I can expect it to arrive. Hopefully NMLC has insured the bag or has a tracking number for it. They could have just sent it directly to where I am now and avoided all this mix-up. Good grief!
  4. florasun - sorry NMLC = Neiman Marcus Last Call and yes I meant calling and ordering from the store.

    ciatta - sorry to hear about your situation! must be so frustrating! at least they are honoring their sale to you - i hope you get your bag soon! i don't know how new this policy is, but i wish the SA had known before taking down my CC information. i was so excited to place my order for a handbag, but i guess it just wasn't meant to be.