Neiman Marcus Last Call!

  1. A little bird told me that Neiman Marcus will start their Last Call sale this week...:whistle:
  2. Do you mean at the B&M stores?
  3. Yes, at the brick&mortar stores...I'm not sure what the deal is for the website though
  4. my little birdie told me the exact date is the 24th :whistle::smile:
  5. It's over and gone here --- nothing left in the stores!
    Does anyone know why NM has this at different times depending on location?
  6. Oooh! I wonder if it's the DC Neimans and the Tyson's Neimans!
  7. How I wish we had a NM or BG in Sarasota, Fl. Only a Saks in this town... which explains why I have to do alot of shopping online without ever seeing the bag.
  8. How funny! My DH and I are coming down to Longboat Key this weekend! I'll wave on our way down!!

    Your Saks down there is SO tiny...I was there with my mom a few years back and I kept looking for an escalator or elevator, and finally an SA said, "Honey...this is it." :shame:
  9. oh boy this means trouble - i just spent way too much at the saks final cut and now this... :p
  10. What happens is, after the "Last Call" - stores gather what hasn't sold and send to other stores for a true last call. When I was in the store today the SA took me to the back - I felt like Willie Wonka or Alice in Wonderland. Shoes from the floor to ceiling!

    I'm calling in "slick" to work on the 24th:p
  11. -double post
  12. ^ what do you mean by other stores? other NM or last call outlets? is there an outlet near us in DC?
  13. Holesingenes - there is a neiman marcus last call outlet in the Arundle Mills Mall in MD. Its sort of 1/3 of the way from downtown Baltimore to DC when you take the 295. That mall also has a Off Saks Outlet, Gap outlet, and Banana one too!
  14. SAME HERE!!! :push:
  15. I mean they select NM stores (not last call outlets), send the merchandise to those stores and announce the FINAL last call.