Neiman Marcus Last Call

  1. Hey ladies, I was just wondering your opinion on Neiman Marcus Last Call. Do you find that you can find some great stuff heavily discounted or just some older stuff slightly discounted?

    Also, has anyone had a really good or really terrible experience there? I'm just trying to figure out if it's worth it to trek all the way to one not so close by.
  2. I've seen some great clothing deals there (like True Religion hoodies and blazers for $39)! But I've never bought a bag from them. It's like any other bargain/discount outlet; kinda scuzzy and you have to really root through everything to find the good stuff. At least that's how mine is. That sort of thing doesn't bother me, so I like it, but it's nothing like shopping at a regular Neiman Marcus...

    I like Saks Off 5th MUCH better. I've bought 3 bags from them, and they've all been perfect. They gave me dustbags for the bags, the SAs were polite, their return policy is good, and they always give me coupons. The store itself is a little nicer too, and they usually have a better selection IMO...
  3. I love my local NMLC and have been able to score some great deals. Great bags and Sunnies and belts too. :tup:
  4. Have found some fantastic deals on great of my favorite places to shop.

    Make sure to get on their e-mail list, you will get notification of discounts, upcoming events, etc.
  5. I've gotten some great chanel deals there! But you have to be careful though and inspect items for stains or tears. When you use your Neiman's charge you get an additional 5% off!
  6. Like all outlets, it just depends on the day. I've seen some awesome deals at NMLC on clothes (jeans) and on bags. The last time I went they had a good selection of chloe, Marc Jacobs, one Chanel, and some other brands.
  7. I found a Chloe discounted from 1,300 to 500. I did not even have to go there as I am in LA and there is no NMLC. I just called a couple of stores and they shipped the bag for free. Happy searching!!!
  8. I think that their prices are still high-you can buy their bags cheaper through the website when they have a good sale. The only times I've seen them have a terrific in-store sale was when they offered an additional 40% off all of their bags one day last May. Then I got a $1300 Mulberry bag for $399 + tax.