Neiman Marcus Last Call

  1. NM is doing a presale now for their last call sale in store! I think pick up is on July 12 or 13th.
  2. What is the extra % off for last call and which NM is doing the presale? Thank you!
  3. I don't know what the exact percentage is for sure, but I bought a pair of Chanel shoes today pre-sale and they ended up being about 65% off I think of the original price, but don't hold me to that because she couldn't ring them up yet. She was going to call me next week with the actual amount that will be charged. They might be even cheaper! Call your NM and ask.
  4. So when exactly is the Last Call? My friend called her SA and she said it won't be until Monday 7/23.

    So can anyone confirm what day? I have an eye on a shirt and have been going there for 3 times now. Do not want to go again till I am sure about the date.
  5. Last Call markdowns were done today. Pre-sale will be available tomorrow. You can pick up your item next Thursday (or it will ship out on Thurs/Friday). Don't shoot me if that's not right, but I'm 99% sure it is. :smile:
  6. i got a postcard in the mail today that says last call starts on july 13 and ends on july 18. very short!
  7. So strange. I talked to several different SAs yesterday, and already did a pre-sale as well on several pairs of shoes. They told me exactly what I had posted previously. And, she told me that she was shipping out my merchandise on Thurs/Friday of next week.

    Hmmm, but the postcard doesn't lie. LOL I'm confused now, but I got everything I wanted so I guess call a NM tomorrow and find out. I'm still sticking to pre-sale starts tomorrow post though.
  8. Thanks for the info! I'm heading to NM first thing tomorrow~
  9. I was there yesterday and I asked the SA if there was an extra % off...but she said the prices on the tags reflect the final sale prices already...there were still a good selection of bags...there was a red and a brown chloe tekla bag for argent tracy for 633 and a brown edith for 424...thats all i remember!
  10. Does Last call start at the same time for all NM stores? I was there last week and they told me presale would not begin for the Houston store until late July and the actual sale was in August. I may have to go to NM today just to check.
  11. ^
    Hey, I am in Houston too. And I said earlier that my friend's SA said it wouldn't start 'till July 23... ! ! ! So me too confused now ... he he
  12. I was at the westchester mall in NY today and was able to presale a pair of shoes
  13. weird. maybe each NM store has their own start date for the last call? i will need to re-read the postcard when i get home later. this is so confusing!
  14. In Houston today, NM was taking 25%, but they weren't pre-sale-in anything
  15. Just talked to the one in Newport beach today.. they've already started their presale for Last Call yesterday. I better get dressed soon!! Heading there asap!! :graucho:

    ps. the SA who answered the phone said that it's 40-65% off original pricing.